Temple raid is to old

This event is old boring & tbh just sucks I’ve done it from day one & every time it comes around it’s depressing , pg throw it in the bin or tweak it 82k team prize is stupid for this event & yes u do get free points but if u don’t have inners it’s just mind numbing
I got no idea how diamond players have t cracked the shits yet , the grind is to long the prizes are below average even though the keys go up in the season & it’s not fun !!! I think the only reason anyone would spend is just to get it over quicker , we play a game for fun this event isn’t fun & no atlas I wouldn’t be surprised if every time this event comes around 10% leave the game :roll_eyes: Wbr


Needs a raid function tbh


There u go good imput tin give it a tweak etc spice it up , do something but the same record playing for years u will end up with mental issues lol

This isn’t a haters post against pg this is a come on pg where addicted to ure game change it up post drop the team prize level , give more prizes over all , add a raid button thx tin , put shards in for a special dragon just tweak it in a few ways so everyone can get the excitement back for this event I’d say anyone over L200 just hates this event & I’m posting to try & get pg to throw some love into it again

Can slap a suggestion tag on this thread :upside_down_face:


Off course it’s for the players

IMO 82k prize is extremely gettable especially with the free points. If you dont have inners then save chests to open in the start of a season’s pvp event.
This is probably my favourite pvp event of the current ones… just the guardians - would love if they were tweaked as has been suggested a number of times to limit the repetition of them


Prizes are the highest of any event (same as Gauntlet)

Personally I like TR, I like getting to dust off old dragons but it does need some tweeks. The biggest issue with TR is that it rewards sandbagging SOOOOO much. Like literally it is insane how much it rewards dropping down to platinum for easy island kills and craptons of free points. Literal dumptruck loads of free points

  • Raid function for guardians that you’ve already beat. Possibly only for sapphire and diamond leagues so as not to reward sandbagging in Platinum
  • adjustment for the island HP and Guardian point payouts for Sapphire and Diamond league
  • Supercharge should be for first 3 teams instead of all or nothing, have it like 3rd gets a 25% points boost, 2nd 50% and 1st 100%
  • More guardians for higher tiers. Maybe have sapphire league go up to abyssal and diamond league go up to arcanum tier.

I’d really like if we could select a team from the rankings menu on the side. trying to tap those stupid little crests can be very difficult if you have fat fingers. 80% of the time when there are a lot there I just end up repeatedly selecting the same one when trying to pick a different target. Or at least let us zoom in to the home island

I also wouldnt mind seeing a points penalty and bonus like KW had for hitting lower or higher ranked teams


Sounds like overall I’m posting what the players agree on & the prizes can always improve just because it’s set like that atm doesn’t mean we can’t get improvements

Nulla - I’m not to sure how long u been playing but after 50 times it gets old

This, right here, is one of the sorest points of the event for me. Modern team strategy has temples opened up at times where the majority of players can access and complete because this directly impacts team VP. Too bad, so sad for those demographics that are only able to be active outside or partially within this time range. The rest of the team gets to feast on free points to the constant detriment of that temporal minors/minorities.

One way around it is, as Ducks said, to sandbag so more temple go up potentially spreading them more evenly around time zones.

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The free points are junk & are boring as hell once u done one lap & got ure old school drags set ure just on auto pilot same bases over & over find the team with the highest points & the crappies base & hit that 100 times yeah hence my post

Yeh that’s what I meant about the guardians being tweaked… I’ve done a heap of guardians this event too… raid or whatever would be great

I’m level 572 and this is actually my favourite event - so much that despite I’m grinding my way to 700k via supers, which is a colossal task that’s very time consuming, I don’t feel miserable because I actually enjoy the event

I do agree though that guardian fatigue is a thing, so I wish they’d add a raid function
I also wish they’d scale guardian points per league to disincentivise sandbagging


No offense fury but not everyone is set up & saved or spent like u with stacks off rss I’m sure every event is fun if crew is stacked & I’m glad ure kicking butt , but wouldn’t u like a few tweaks to make it new & funner & if u didn’t have a few k off inners would u find it as enjoyable or is pg just satisfying a certain player group

You’re completely missing the point.

I don’t do 700k every time - in fact, I once did 239k points with very little energy and inners thanks to the free points and 25% extra point mechanism in TR (I had less than 200 of both of those to work with)

I enjoyed it back then with lack of rss, I enjoy it now with abundant rss - I enjoy the event itself, which incentivises me to go for big points when I feel like it, versus something like fight pits that I absolutely hate, despite me having the rss, I’d never go beyond 140k unless I really need to

The point that I was trying to make that it’s not fair to collectively say ‘anyone above lvl 200 doesn’t enjoy this event’ because it’s simply not true. I enjoy this event enough to spend an obscene amount of resources getting to 700k and grinding crazily. (For reference, I’m in a D1 team, so we don’t get as many guardians as a sandbagging team would, and bases aren’t as easy as down there, so it takes much more time and a ton of resources to get the same points they’d get)

I also agreed that it can use tweaks to make it even more enjoyable and even suggested some.


I used to be really pro the idea of making the guardians raidable. But then more recently I’ve been against it. The reason being along with gauntlet I really feel this event rewards teamwork.

Good planning and commitment by the team results in a better team score and that good in my opinion. If you make the guardians less time consuming then you don’t require the same commitment from teams to score well.

The free points are equivalent to over 1 mega I’m not entirely convinced that volume of points should be available repeatedly for just tapping a button. But I’m probably in the minority.


That does make sense - there are teams that open more guardians but have less team points than those that opened less guardians because Team B made sure to grind those out whereas Team A has been more relaxed wrt getting the guardians done

It just sucks that it causes so much fatigue, but you do make a good point


I think my point is A it’s old n stagnant & B ure not suppose to sit on a game for 5 days to a achieve a decent prize & c if u don’t have a decent stash of inners u are struggling to hit 82k
Let alone 150plus K anyone that disagrees is out off touch with the players diamond is its own entity & only represents a small % off the player base
, they obviously are a important part but still I’d think that player base would love a change or two

I believe gauntlet and TR are 82 because people can hit pve bases. And the pvp only events like pits are 30k because you have to hit other teams. I am one that likes this event. To be honest the change if pace between pvp and pve bases is one of the things i like.
You complain about hitting the same base over and over for the event that is your choice. There are 23 other teams you could hit. The only difference with pits is that some rounds you do not have a choice if hitting the same base. But get that ream in a pit with you and i bet you hit it again.
Atleast TR is not 1 team in a pit with 6 other teams from a different atlas alliance and that 1 team gets hammered for 6 hrs straight.
I will take TR over pits any weekend.