Temple raid needs a update

been thinking temple raid needs a update! with all theses dragon tiers released we should be able to use in temple raid and get pretty new portraits that event is becoming dull with the same tiers when there are vanguards,empyreans, and abmysal which should be added! pls think about it!


That’s what we need, harder levels now that we have weaker dragons.

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we already have that… assault :disappointed:

and there should always be more portraits, so many portraits!

I agree that they should add higher tiers, though I’d like to see them alter it like Assault where you can try the next tier using dragons from 1 tier lower. I love TR, it’s my favorite PVP event after Assault but it certainly could use an update. I still think they need to add another tier into the shrine between orange and harbinger. Since Orange is the 4th tier and Harbinger is the 12th, they could change it to
Orange: Normal Portrait
Sapphire: Animated Normal Portrait
Harbinger: Uber Portrait
Empyrean: Animated Uber Portrait

They really need to bring assault back. It was one of the few actually fun and challenging events that wasnt just about how much money/rss can you burn. Some actual skill was needed, especially if you didnt have strong gear for a certain element. There was never any reason for them to get rid of it other than lazy flyers whining and because the prizes were really good.


Empyrean seems way to close really, for another central temple round. The tiers you selected are tier 4, 8, 12 and 14. If anything, tier 16 (infernals? celestials? whatever comes after abyssals). But without adding an inbetween step it would be 4, 12, 20 to have a regular pace, so that’s 2022…

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You’re right, I miscounted but even still, I wouldnt mind something higher than Harbinger


+1 to this.
We’re now 3 completed tiers above Harbinger. There needs to be updates to this event.

My own personal request would be to see 2 consecutive game breaking bug free releases back to back before we pressure PG on additional features.

Dungeons caused a massive slew of bad bugs. Breeding we though was fairly immune to “oops” type stuff, until yesterday.

We don’t exactly know what will happen with new Temple tiers and what might echo throughout the game.


To be fair, that wasnt breeding’s fault. That was a screw up with the update that several players exploited and the event was delayed while they gave the looters back their bricks that they threw through the window.

I think the obvious solution is to chuck dungions in the trash and bring back Assault. I dont remember any major issues with assault other than people whining that they couldnt fly their own dragons. Boo Dungeons, Yay Assault (ok that sounds kind of wrong).


Need an update. Include new tiers. Add a third level.

Any design changes are more likely to introduce bugs. Hell, changing a copyright date with this crew is likely to introduce bugs.

Dungeons is a whole new map. It added boss towers, mini bosses, etc. It it just in a proof of concept phase if you ask me, but with tuning it could be a nice break from the same ol’ same ol’. They’ll fix the bugs. Most of em have been fixed.

You can’t really expect major changes without bugs and there are ALWAYS bugs, so… suck it up, buttercup.

This right here is the biggest problem in the game. People continue to “Suck it up” and PG is able to go on doing what they do…


If you expect bug free software in any software industry, you’re going to be disappointed. Set your expectations accordingly.

I’ve played many games. I sell software for a living as well. WD has more bugs per month than anything I’ve experienced in over 20 years as a professional. Being number one in bugs is not a good thing


its stale it needs a update honestly it is also coming up soon but please update it with new tiers and all new portraits and not ones that look like booty the hard tiers should have some sick wicked portraits if folks can get thru it of course honestly whats the point in the middle island except a few free points?

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Temple Run is fine. Leave it as is for now. Work on fixing egg token costs, Atlas, tower/dragon/gear balance issues and other important issues rather than a new shiny for the ADD players.

Thx and Happy Dragon Holidays to the folks at PG!

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they have different folks who run the events i do believe and make the portraits


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