Temple Raid Next: It's GREEN 😍


:heart_eyes: it’s so green




Off topic. Will you get him for your alt too?


Gosh darn it! I was hoping to face the green one when my harbinger dragons were stronger :sob: I don’t think I’m skilled enough to beat the uber guardians with them only lvl 16 :see_no_evil: (especially considering Lutrus had a bit of a rough time at it… and I’m not nearly as good as he is :pleading_face:)


While Im happy, I also kind of wish TR could have been the PVP after this. I finally got Harbs but wont be able to evolve my divines until after next Fort :sob:

I dont think lv 18 Loken, Opes, Estril or Rajin will be enough to take the Harb guardians


The only time when corth is the mvp and useful…


That beats my lvl 16 harbs lmao




My small is teamless and just revenge fodder, not worth maintaining two :rofl:


Lutrus did.
Although probably he did spent a good amount of rubies/timers for potions and spells…


:thinking: Probably you can put it in some “active” team which have potential for reaching the shrine guardian…
Just for the sake of the avatar :grin:
Riderless Orange experts should be able to do it I guess…


:scream:you have rajin! If you can get to 3 with estril and lokan, rajin would be great to follow! Way better than opes!


If anyone has any strategy tips for even trying Id gladly take them.


Here’s how I approached it after a lot of trial and error:

Gear is going to help a lot, but still have to do a few mechanical things.

Can also get farther than I did by blinking 3 (I had to do the run again bc for some reason this run didn’t actually count, so had to do it again and didn’t record).

Shrine uber guardian too hard?

@forScience I thought about you when I saw it was the green one. I wanted the purple one but I’m glad you’re happy. :grin:

Edit: I did not expect my forum name to change. I am formerly jb4WAR. :crazy_face:


Nice job, this will be helpful, thanks.


So basically steal Fohmar’s rider for Lokan, I guess put the rider I have on Hildr on Estril (Sadly the gear is only legendary lvl 1… except for the helm and gauntlet that aren’t legendary yet :frowning_face:), and then steal Pathox’s rider (who has some fairly good gear) and stick it on Rajin :tada: Maybe I can do it :rofl:


I also wanted it to be the purple one :raised_hands:t3:


That’s exactly what I tried but wasn’t able to do it :pensive:

Even with really good gear.

Better luck to you my friend, may you fly better than me lol


I’ll give it a shot but I am doubtful of my chances :joy::joy::joy:


Pretty sure by the time I get to Harbinger when there’s a Temple Raid I’ll have Shezard, MORTHIL, and maybe Wydrian + Destar. I like my chances. Mostly because… YAK