Temple Raid Perch Dragon bug


So how do we fix this?

I used dragons that were on my perches for the temples, now I cant remove them from my perch. When I try to assign them to my perch (even though they ARE on a perch already), I get a sync error.


I’ve tried activating them and deactivating them in the den, no luck.


Are the ones you tried to assign the ones that duplicated? Consurgens and Apophet?


Yup. How do I fix it? They’re sitting on perches now.


I swapped the perched dragon with a dragon in my den, then swapped it back for a dragon I wanted


So, due to some crack programming, I have to use a dragon on my perch that I don’t want for 24 hours?


No do the swap in your roster


Check here :slight_smile:


Thanks, but that is not a solution I am willing to accept. Guess it is time for a support ticket. I am not putting dragons that I don’t want on my perches on them due to incompetence.


That didn’t work. Apparently I HAVE to swap a new dragon onto the perch. Not gonna do it.


I can understand that.

I was able to assign my dragon again yesterday but then today when I checked i still had it cloned and figuring as not assigned. So I gave in and placed another dragon. Will check again tomorrow. But I may be willing to do things you aren’t since I don’t care too much about my base right now


It’s not that I care about my base. I’m tired of being forced to do workarounds due to programming mistakes.


I tried everything.

The only way I could fix it myself was to swap to a dragon I didn’t want. Then, to get the dragon off the perch, I started an upgrade…

I haven’t touched Seagazer yet, since for that one, that is not an acceptable solution.


This I’m not willing to do :sweat_smile:


Well, now it’s supports turn to offer a viable solution. I am NOT willing to swap a new dragon onto the perch for 24 hours or start an upgrade.


Do it now before wars can start


Otherwise you may be screwed for a long time lol


You’re right… I forgot about wars :see_no_evil:
Going to do it now.

Oh no wait. Maybe you were talking to Jonesy :eyes:


Ticket 1335630

I repeat, I am not assigning another dragon that I do not want on a perch. I wish to unassign one. Apophet is fine where he is, but I don’t want the duplication to cause issues further down the road.

I am not “working around” a programming error.


It works for both of you. Just a matter of what you’re willing to deal with.

Although if you want them on the perch… You can just leave it alone. I didn’t want to do this because I had made my base longer for this event, and I wanted to take it back to normal.