Temple Raid Perch Dragon bug


Got a cookie cutter reply with a list of current event issues. Yup, the double dragon issue is NOT on that list.


GIve in to it and play?



I just talked to the team, and the duplicate dragons are getting confused on where they’re supposed to be (which is why the sync error is occurring). This should be resolved sometime this week.

Consequence of the double dragon

Possibly not helpful but if there is any chance the perch dragon is still healing, you might simply try waiting for that to finish and then try swapping into or out of your roster…

I’ve noticed there is some magical healing related code that only seems to work if you complete a battle in the guardians/temple, otherwise you gotta wait.


It’d be fantastic if this is handled before wars start up again.

Thank you for the update though, glad it is being fixed, without us having to use a workaround.


This is fixed, thank you. No more duplicate dragons and I was able to unassign a perch dragon with no issues.


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