Temple Raid Portraits

Do the Temple Raid Portraits rotate on a set cadence?

If so - what’s the order?

We’ve only had three Temple events so far, so no idea yet.


There were so far Fire, Ice and Air. Till now they’ve followed the order from main post - Master the elements in an all new PVP Event - Temple Raid! , so, likely we will have Dark and Earth as next ones. And, again, most likely (but noone can guarantee that), after 5th we will have the 1st one, Fire, again.


Thanks BurivuH - that’s enough info to keep me happy.

I think PG mentioned something about adding new Temple Raid portraits after the current ones have rotated Atleast once. They mentioned it about an year ago before the event started.

I remember that, too. But I think they were speaking of the next temple raid

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