Temple Raid temple guardians way to powerful I mean come on pg


I think I need Pathox friggin A. What were you guys thinking? It surely doesn’t make it enjoyable I can’t get past Platinum :rofl:

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Shrine of the Elements, what’s the difficulty curve? (formerly: PvP event in atlas)
Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid
Temple Raid charts
Event guardian Uber Obsidias & machine gun cannons

They do seem more difficult this time around but I was able to clear each level up to obsidian (the highest dragon I have) with 1 or 2 dragons.

Make sure you have a few maxed dragons in each tier, equip them with ruins to make them more powerful, and be strategic in which dragons you use and in what order.

It’s still doable.


I cleared the tiers pretty easily, the hardest for me was gold… even did platinum with a level 15 rizar


I burned about 40 energy trying to get the platinum one. Seriously flaks??? And they acted glitchy. Wouldn’t take damage and my dragon wouldn 't fire right. I cleared the tiers up to harbinger easier.


Platinum was my hardest, but I have no experts in that tier. Gotta work on looking those
Edit: I made it to emerald, my highest tier


Yeah Rizar is maxed with runes doesn’t make sense they make it so you can’t clear most with one that’s maxed in that particular tier


I cleared plat with hungry Aibrean (yep, hungry.)
Can’t finish garnet though, since my only garnets haven’t even reached breedable level (still lv 2 :rofl::rofl::rofl:)


And I was just talking with my wife how it seemed the guardians were way easier this time🤷‍♂️ sure it might take 2 dragons but they weren’t that hard. None of my lineage in gold to emerald are experted, and I had no problems clearing up to harbinger. Send in a hunter to clear out the mages first, then use a second dragon to clean it up

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Did you just level your divines out of their respective tiers and make yourself reliant on lineage dragons?

I did identical to my previous temple raid event, zero different dragons used and almost all solo’d. 🤷

Edit: all of my dragons are expert. And runed properly. So it helps lol


I think they lowered tower levels for each tier minus harbinger (cuz 60 was the max at the time)


Nope. The level doesn’t change.
Still curious about rapid cannon barrage though :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I thought they became easier :thinking:
But harbinger only with capped harbingers is ridiculus —40 towers lvl 60 — come on​:see_no_evil::face_vomiting::rage:
Why can‘t I use divine obsidians ??!!


:thinking: I thought it was easier this time round actually :rofl:

Edit: Only hard one was purple, and by hard I mean I had less than 20% health left of my one dragon… :joy: All the purple dragons suck ass. Luckily I have Ember evolved. None of them are hard. Just retried with Arborius. Too easy.

Red: Kinnarus
Purple: Ember Arborius
Blue: Drude
Orange: Amy
Green: Ettin
Gold: Whale
Platinum: Rizar
Sapphire: Apo
Garnet: Gloom
Emerald: Storm
Obsidian: Any of my divines

Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid

That’s only for the final shrine guardians.

Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid

Actually they seem easier than last time.

Sounds like the problem might be you. I call back to that old saying that our grandparents used to say at times like theres


I one-shotted everything up through Emerald, with the exception of Garnet, which took 2 shots.

This was on the Fire island, which was my worst one last time. We’ll see how the rest of them go.

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I have platinum Huitzil :ghost::ghost::ghost:


I’ve had no issues with any of the tiers so far. I’m up to garnet and ive been able to 1 dragon most and 2 dragon the rest no issues.

Barring any flak glitchiness I think this one is user error.

Just remember to make use of the extra spellls and that will really help


I only needed multipile dragons on sapphire, and that’s mostly because there has been no feeding event since I reached sapphire, and all my line dragons are just leveled to breeding. Even then Apo got close to clearing. And I didn’t have to take any extra steps like equipping an extra spell or putting a rider on.


I love this event because it favours the grinders.