Temple Raid this week. Did you finish your discount dragon?

Enjoy Temple Raid ya filthy animals... @WarDragonsGame pic.twitter.com/islLprBsre

— Paladin Patrick (@pqhiggins) December 16, 2019

At least PG is being consistent these days so this should not be a surprise.
Everyone is wrapping up their discount dragon today, right?


@PoseidonPQ Which poster is correct. The female pronoun?

yes, the female… @OrcaFrost was kind enough to provide me with that tidbit of info… credit where credit is due :wink:




Love the poster :rofl:

And love the event :dancer:t3:
Really happy this event fell on this week, because this is the effortless pvp possible which is great for one of the craziest weeks at work and real life in a year :see_no_evil: so much to do, so much…

finished discount dragon on the first day of the season so that is out of my radar as well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No exotic rune this week? Thought they dropped it this week last season.

Great poster as always… never miss looking for it.

The posters are better than the game. :slight_smile:


I agree great artwork on the poster. But what about Fafnr. U guys are completely leaving this dragon out. I know everyone loves hunters but it just doesn’t seem fair to not improve both mythics

Still always the possibility of it being announced in tomorrow’s blog along with the atlas stuff. The first one was towards the end of the summer season, the second was at week 3 of fall so it seems to be kind of random when they do it

I finished Galgrim last week and 100% boost this week. Now Im waiting to hear how Noc’s buffs are. Im unsure about what Im doing this season, everything seems really disappointing


Not yet because I haven’t been able to claim any prize after the forth for the entire event.

Discount dragon :white_check_mark:
125% Mission bonus :white_check_mark:
Base boost - WIP

Finished discount in the first week already and the egg bonus this week

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Better do it the other way around next time and get a week more use out of the bonus…


Discount :white_check_mark:
Rider- 12.5% through the line.

Discount dragon finished, baked, levelled and benched.


Discount dragon done 1st week.
Egg / Timer mission 100%
With 3k plus sigils sitting.waiting for exotic runes if they will have

Is it possible to get 18k points before the end of the event without using more than 40 enrgy pack and a lot of inner fires ?

I’d say yeah. Though that’s a guesstimate and is assuming a run of guards or two

Should be.

Buy 16+16+100 now, and again after the last reset. That’s 30 packs. Gives 264 energy. Plus 16 free energy is enough for 70 single runs. Those runs plus the 7 wildfires they give, all on max point targets, gives [(70 + 7*5) * 125 * 1.25 =] 16.4k points. Throw in 11 inner fires and you have your 18k.