Temple Raid Updates Coming This Week


Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Coming alongside the second ever run of Temple Raid this week are a few planned changes that we want to mention before the event begins. For a recap of how Temple Raid is played, check out the blog post and get cozy, because it’s a long and very informative read (if you haven’t played TR before, it’s worth the time!).

Adding a Team Targeting Tool

Team Leaders can now set which Elemental Island they want their teammates to target. Gone are the days of hoping your teammates will read the instructions presented, and then sending out multiple in-game mails to remind them that, “it’s the ICE island, people! NOT the Dark island.” Now, everyone will know to focus their efforts on the Ice Island. Phew.

Team Leaders can Select an Island to Target through the Team Plan.

Select your favorite!

Targeted Islands will have a special target mark applied on the main Event page.

Platinum Temple Adjustments

For those in Platinum, good news! All Elemental Islands in Platinum will now be 25% easier to progress down the Island Path and reach the island’s Temple. What this means is: We are adjusting the points required to make it to each Guardian Temple across all of the islands (not including the Shrine of the Elements since there is no path to progress down). If other leagues need adjusting in the future, we’ll be sure to communicate this, as well.

Temple Time Increased

Really wish you had a few extra minutes with your team to destroy those last Temple Guardians? Well, you’re in luck! We are extending all times in the Temples from 2 → 3 hours. Every player will have three full hours to battle Temple Guardians across all of the Elemental Islands. The increase in time will also affect those who make it to The Shrine of the Elements. The same rules apply for this extra hour for global elements, like the Storm, as well (not sure what that means? Read the blog!).

Minor Visual Improvements

We’ve also made some minor visual improvements to reduce player confusion regarding the direction of the Storm and the final Tower Guard.

As this is the second run of Temple Raid, it may not even be in its final form! As we have more planned event changes, we’ll be sure to communicate them to players for maximum temple raiding. Good luck this week, Dragon Lords!

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