Temple Raid Updates - Discussion Thread


Hey, all!

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Temple Raid Updates Coming This Week

The Shrine of the Elements had no cooldown, though?


Thank you for the increased time in the Temple of Guardians! I would have preferred 4 hours minimum, but I am thankful for the improvement.

Last time I had to sneak out of work a couple of times and hide in the bathroom during a family event another time. I know “had to” is something I did to myself. lol But I was NOT looking forward to planning the next 5 days around whenever that randomly pops up again… :frowning:
This will not completely alleviate the problem, but it does help some.


At first glance, I’d say the targeting mechanism is a nice idea, and appreciated, but the target symbol really needs to go in a better location. I think the image in the linked post is saying to target the Earth island, but in practice it’s sitting about halfway between the Earth and Fire islands.

Stick the target on the middle of the island, or surrounding the entire island, or something.


That’s fair feedback, for sure. I’ll let some folks know. :slight_smile:


I was thinking the exact same thing


Thanks! It’s a minor tweak, but I just looked at it and saw it right next to both the progress bar for Earth, and the third temple guard for Fire. If I’m trying to get all players on the same page, it’d be nice if the target symbol removed all ambiguity.


If it’s supposed to be next to the progress bar, Earth is the only one it’ll be that ambiguous for at least.

edit: It’s also really bad for ice.


How about to make sure that players know which island to hit, add a red target sign on the chosen island just in case that they don’t see the arrow


Can we have mark on island we’ve completed?


totally agree, I think a red circle around the island would be much better and clearer. Glad the added this feature though

These are good changes that Im glad to see. I’d still very much like to see a change so that the team actually has to actively enter the temple rather than immediately being pushed in as soon as someone clears the 4th guardian. The extra hour is great but if someone accidentally does it while most of the team is asleep then it still screws the team over


I … approve. Thank you.


Overall, good changes. Well done!


Like Orca mentioned, how about there’s special symbol that signifies that you’ve already defeated an island, hmm? Sounds like a good idea, Orca!


Dont we already have those in the form of the lit up guards and guardians? Also the section of cleared clouds on the center shrine


Looking forward to this event, it’s the only PVP event that’s actually fun and stimulating. I like breaking out the old dragons and actually having to use some skill. Just glad to see it’s back and not done away with as PG tends to do with things the players enjoy. Event plan looks great, last time we had a bunch of rogues just going wherever they wanted because they missed the instructions.


Doesn’t lit guardian means 100% progress, and guardian can be fought?
Also, that will vanish once the time is up.
What I meant is permanent mark, which signifies that the island has been completed at least once (to unlock shrine guardian)


Thats already there in the form of the center clouds that get unveiled the first time you defeat an element


@PGCrisis could we put the bullseye directly over the top of the island please? Positioning currently can be confusing - especially in the case shown in the screenshot.


stick the target above the island