Temple Raid Updates - Discussion Thread


As much as I hate getting those messages, an automated message added to TC saying “your team has cleared ___ island and entered the temple. Your team has 3 hours to defeat the temple guardians” might be helpful for people logging in during that 3 hour time period. Maybe have it tag everyone or have the text in a different color to grab people’s attention

Note: we only need it once, we dont need it to pop up 15 times saying we’ve entered the temple on the ice island


Yay! The event team is actually listening. This is the best thing I’ve read all day. The forums have been depressing lately


As live goes on (Work, sleep, family), the cicling cyclone was a little fast. Sneaking out to a bathroom leads to unhappy people in front of the bathroom.
Is the circling storm slowed down?


All good changes, thank you.

I just have one question. Previously, when I used my perch dragon to attack (as it the strongest in the specific tier) it messed up my perch buffs for a couple weeks and was appearing on both my roster and perch.

Just wondering if that’s been looked at this time around?


Do the guardians still only go from red-harbinger tier, or have they increased it to cover vangaurds now as well?


Good question. I do know they have stated the shrine guardians in the middle temple will stay just orange and harbinger for the forseeable future, but I would think the regular island ones should be updated to go red-vanguard. Not that it matters for me, vanguard is soooo far away still :joy:


I really think orange and harbinger are quite far apart. I could definitely see an emerald (or garnet or whatever) mid tier being something that would work well for the masses since the majority of folks don’t have harbingers yet.


Sapphire would be midway between orange and harbinger. I wouldn’t mind them adding that, but I can imagine it’s a relatively big job to tune those end bases properly, and I don’t think it’ll get high on the priority list any time soon. And the current situation with one portrait for (pretty much) anyone, and one for endgamers is not too bad, it’s not a major part of the event.


Guardians are only going up to Harbinger Tier!


The most important question is if they’ll stay harb when the green one comes out…


I want the purple one. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Would it be possible to get the attack and defense banners to list the elemental that is being attacked? so like the banner will say event-defense-fire,or fire-defense. Keep the banner yellow for easy recognition.

This will let teams know on which island the attack is on. Hopefully this is possible without too many coding adjustments.


The changes sounds amazing i just hope there will be no more bugs because of them


Why was this flaged?
it is relevant


Which tiers got nerfed?


I deleted for some reason they weren’t showing up after resetting device they are now.


It used to be 2hrs and they increased it to 3hrs. not sure where you got 4hrs from


Ahh I see for some reason I thought it was increased from 3 to 4 hours. Thanks!


Appearancely not, be careful you might get mission to attack with dragon healing in den


This mark needs to be either bigger or make another, because like always lazy teamates that don’t read tam plan or mails do wathever they want.

Suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:
(Animated would be even better :grin:)