Temple Raid Updates - Discussion Thread


Or maybe it’s okay if teams that don’t read or coordinate are less efficient. If your team can’t follow the current big red dot, maybe it’s time to look for new teammates…


I was thinking the same way, if you saw me last night i was going to kill some of them. Just move the button closer to the island or bigger would do it


Is it significant the order in which you initially clear the elemental islands to open the center? For instance if you started on earth and the storm showed up behind you then after clearing earth you jumped to fire instead of heading clockwise to ice to avoid the storm, will that effect your points? Second question. When hitting other team in the pvp between the temple gaurds is it relevant to attack teams ahead of you in the temple or the teams that are behind you in the entrance setting on the isle?


Answer to question 1: No, points are not affected by the order in which you complete islands.

Question 2: Hitting teams for points has the potential to drag them back along the path. A team cannot be dragged back farther than the last temple guard, as those are checkpoints.


I think the point requirements for prize tiers needs adjusted as well. Then again maybe thats just me what’s everyone else think?


The Green one is the one I want :slight_smile:


Samsung note 8 could not click the temple guardians : I have already bring up this bug last time when this event was on going, i am still having this problem.Ended up i have to switch to other devices inorder to participate. Hope i dun loss any thing switching devices just to participate in this event.


That’s strange I’m on a note 8 and dont have that issues. Next time we make it to the guards I’ll take a screenshot and edit this comment with it.


Anyone having problems with an island not getting supercharged after the storm leaves?


I’m on a S9+ and am having the same issue.


you just need to adjust the font/size of the screen in phone setting


It is just a display setting of the phone. You may have a different adjustment in display size so there is no issue for you


Over 9 million chests to open? Are you waiting for christmas?


Mythic with only bronze? :eyes:


:eyes: I shall refrain from saying what I’m thinking…


even if you farmed 10k per event 130k per seaon … rofl that isn’t possible :joy:

Must be hitting those super monuments which drop 100k chests at a time :man_shrugging:


Not if you are



Or maybe he is part of a “random” test group where they can get 100 times more chests :thinking:


Wait. It’s a test account pic from PG.

Sorry @Blackfire5x5. Be careful what you post! :rofl:


I wish I had that many. That pic was taken from their Forum post that is linked to this topic. Also it was posted on Tuesday before the event menu even opened

Chest drops have been good this event but not that good :rofl::rofl::rofl::chunk::axi: