Temple Raid Updates - Discussion Thread


Would it be possible to put a button of some sort so only Officers could enable the Guardians. Sometimes you get multiple people working on the last guards prior to everyone being ready for the Guardians…on that note can you change Guardians to something else? It is very similar to guards and has confused some of the folks on my team. One suggestion was changing it to Bosses instead of Guardians. Also having something similar to the battle ledger in Atlas so we can see who started the Guardians earlier than the team agreed upon would be helpful.


Thank you I wanted to know the same thing


Alliteration is not our friend.


Just to provide the counter argument for this… Hitting teams ahead of you also tends to annoy those teams, which leads them to attack you, which makes your own advancement slow down. This is why I call this event Cooperative PvP… If everyone plays nice, everyone is better off.

IMHO, unless you’re fighting for Supercharge! there is no reason to hit a team that’s made any progress on an island.


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