Temporally Close War Dragons for Maintenance

Hello everyone,
I am going to propose something, you can freely vote with replies.

As you probably already know, War Dragons has been having a lot of troubles; malfunctioning dragon spells, tower shots that remain active over time, towers that are not 100% destroyed, etc. (Who else has had these problems?)

The question I’m going to propose is this one:

Do you agree that War Dragons completely close the game for a while so that it solves all the failures that have been appearing and that many of them haven’t yet been solved? (I know it can be maddening but I think it suits him)

· Yes! totally agree.
· Neutral.
· Are you crazy? of course not!

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No. I’m worried they will never come back again.


They’d probably break it so much, it couldn’t return


I agree. And does it really matter if they don’t come back until everything is fixed and working properly?


I don’t think they should close the game. There is enough time between the long events to work on codes etc. They should maybe stop worrying about making money off of everyone and put in longer hrs. Or close the game for 6hrs everyday. The solutions are endless. It’s the desire to fix everything. That’s lacking.


Pg doesnt have that many games. They cant afford to lose this one to squeeze money out of.


Why didn’t you make an actual poll so we can vote? :crazy_face:

No don’t close it. Aside from today, I’ve been having a lot of fun.


@Daedalus I tried it but I’m new in this platform and I don’t know how do I have to do it.

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No you’re giving them too good an excuse to shut down the game completely. We’re seeing game devs are jumping ship but the community is as strong as ever! I don’t understand what their problem is. They gotta be honest with the community and tell us what the hell is going on! I think they’ve had problems they’re trying to hide but it’s getting too bad… Soon the community won’t be able to help them anymore

  • Yes, totally agree!
  • Neutral
  • Are you crazy? Of course not!

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It is true that PG should review their gameplay because I have known many other people have been having issues. For example, the game kept crashing, dragons wouldn’t appear on attack (yes i was connected to wifi), and the KW major bug.
However, I am nervous that it will take them awhile. If nobody can get on while they are undergoing changes, it will mess up everyone’s activity status, medals, and some people may be removed from the team due to inactivity.

Tbh Ive never been happier with PG than since last season. They are doing a great job lately in every regard. It feels more player happiness-focused than ever and your proposal of shutting down WD wont miraculously make WD run bug free. Sometimes things go wrong, especially if you bring out a new event.



I think if they close this game, the newer players and the players who are perhaps less invested in the game will vanish. This would SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the total player count even if the game resulted in a better version.

That and I’m not convinced a number of long term players won’t log back on after.

It would be a very risky move


whats wrong with putting change freeze, other than critical patches on this version.

the work on a parallel version, that is available to all via menu on set days for uat testing and feedback?

they could spin up variants for events public uat.

the testing needs to be far more rigorous and open, whilst giving stability to the current version.

would love to see their release process…im sure the community would rather help, than just have opportunity to get frustrated.


I don’t agree. PG should pay more attention to the release of updates, dragons etc. It would simply be necessary to test all this much more.

I really think that PG has done an excellent job in the last period, and above all the dialogue between players and PG has improved a lot, thanks to the new member PGGalileo. Accidents along a route can always happen.

I know, that’s why they should put some measure to avoid it.
Sort of like “freezing” the game. People not expelled from the team due to inactivity (although there is an option to activate or deactivate it), that their medals were not affected, daily missions were continued from where they were left, etc.
And in addition, a compensation for the time they made to wait and all the failures they made appear without putting a solution on them for a long time.

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Yeah. Just wrap it up and we can save our time and money for other important needs.

I proposed it to solve the actual problems that there are in the game. I know it won’t make it run bug free, and there will be new problems, but when the new errors appear they wouldn’t have such a large cluster and it would be easier for them to solve them.
I think the current problem is the large cluster of errors that are active.

I totally agree with that. Maybe they don’t need to close the game, but I strongly defend they need to do something to solve all the issues that have been appearing and remain active (6 months or even more).

The War Dragons team needs to be much more involved in solving the game’s bugs, and not just saying that it’s a personal bad connection problem. I highly doubt that it is the cause of the vast majority of bugs.

What large cluster of errors are you talking about? I’m very active and I rarely run into a problem which has serious effects. Some people have issues loading certain areas ingame, but as far as I know it is mostly due to their devices. Real issues that inhibit gameplay are usually fixed by the support in a okayish timeframe.

I know there are some bugs like Kobe tower position etc., but those errors arent too grave and, albeit slowly, are fixed at some point.