Test before release


For the love of whatever Devine being you believe in can PG stop with releases before testing them. And while PG is at it how about fixing all of the core issues that have been causing bugs, glitches, and crashes. I have played many mobile games and this is the only one that I have seen that has any issues let alone as many as this game does. Yet people keep playing the game despite all the issues. There must be something to this game IF they choose to stop and fix the core coding of the game. Every update there are issues and it is getting to the point for me that game has gone from several hours of play down to 10-15 minutes to do egg missions and maybe do a few event runs and I am done.


I am a software developer myself and I can easily say that an update without testing is impossible. I think you have no idea what is going on in development process. So this argument is irrelevant what PG does.


Well congrats to you on your job. And I hope you do a better work than what I have seen over the last year and a half. I obviously understand some testing has to be done, but whatever amount of testing they are doing is clearly insufficient to the task at hand. There is no way the level of work I have seen is up to par with nearly every other mobile game out there. So your comment is null and void to me and my experiences.


Internal QA testing will catch around 95% of the bugs in each release version, but there are always things that get through. Some features that work as expected in a test environment might not in a production (live to players) environment, which is where you’re most likely to see the issues you’re describing. Other times, changing one thing might have completely unexpected effects on some other parts of the App that we don’t test for due to time constraints. For example, when we add a new spell, it might have unintended effects on how towers behave. While we do test the spell in-combat, it’s just not feasible to test them on every single one of the thousands of permutations of towers combinations and placements. We always shoot for a bug-free release–there’s no sense in trying to create problems that require time and resources to solve. However, dealing with bugs is just a part of the development process.


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