Test flights for Seasonal Divines

Would there be a way in the future to introduce a test flight mechanic behind the seasonal divines?
Lets say your not a spender maybe a lower level like myself and you want to know which dragon is better suited to your needs/current play stile. (Obviously hunters :grinning:)
If your a spender or high level and are trying to decide on whether or not to go mythic?

Open up the season tab and select one of the dragon lines. When the rewards page loads have another button with Test flight feature.

Possible Features include

  • Fully upgraded dragon flying on fully upgraded base designed by PG

  • Different Evolve stone selection with a base to match level (maybe harder to do and is there a point?)

  • Dragon as above options with up to 5 base designs to choose from

  • Base design copied from random selection of top league team with credit given I.e this base brought to you by Flyer Zalek86 (ensure this is a copy and no way able to be earning resources)

  • Could this later be added to regular dragons? Maybe but i think we can leave them as is for now

I don’t know how hard this would be to implement but i thought it would be a great feature to look at indroducing.
Let me know what you think or would change or if you think this is just a horrible idea?


I honestly like this idea.

I think that a “test period” wouldn’t necessarily hurt anything and premade bases from the mini Assault event could be viable targets. Select a dragon and select his temporary level, then select from the bases to fly against.

You could try him at around your level and at bigger base levels to see how he would progress.

I actually really like this idea now :+1:


I like this idea as well.

Think it would especially help out players who are only able to obtain one line. It would give the opportunity to better evaluate which one would benefit them the most.

Perhaps a limit to how often you could do a test run or a certain time period test runs are available so that it is truly just a test and not a “free for all” or what not.

I’m not sure I’m a fan of this being for lineage dragons, but don’t have any great reasoning behind that besides being a gut reaction.

Neat idea!

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@mechengg hadn’t even thought of using the assault bases thats a great idea and means they wouldn’t need to spend time recreating a base.

@BeaWilder yeah i am not sure on lineage either. it could work but i think i would like to see it on divines and have no problems before even worrying about extending it.
I think like your saying Bea this would benefit everyone but hopefully it would help the low to mid game figure out what to spend on.

Limiting runs is a good step for resources on PG end and will make it an actual test flight like testing a car. You only get a couple per dragon.

Assault bases are a simpler (I think) implementation than what I was going to say (Invader bases from Atlas) but I like this idea too. The ONLY thing I’d be concerned about is somehow managing to break stuff in the game, but that has nothing to do with this idea. As someone coming off an extremely goofed up season I’d love to have this in play. If it can happen, a time machine back to the beginning of the fall season would be a nice follow-up step :rofl::grinning:

Seriously, though, really good and cool idea. Unless there’re other snags like opening up doors for hackers to just straight take dragons they don’t have and add them to their roster (I’m technologically stupid so not sure if this would even be a thing, just throwing it out there).


Love it! This is a great idea. And it would allow PG a system they could use to allow skilled players to preview a tenative spell set and give a meaningful critique of the viability of a dragon.

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:thinking: If they were to ever make use of the quest system again, it’d be interesting to be able to redeem a test run. It’d have to be isolated from the rest of the game somehow.

Edit: Ultimately one of those nice to have but not super pressing things.


I think i may be a little new i have no idea what the quest system was. However as long as every player would get at least 1 test per divine to check them out. Then maybe they could win more.

I definitely believe as much as i want it we don’t need it as a priority.

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For sure, still a good idea though. It’s hard to come up with ideas that anyone likes, so new or not you can pat yourself on the back for that at least lol. There’s a lot of things going on, so it certainly wouldn’t be a priority but I’d love to see it added to a list of, as @forScience said, “nice but not super pressing things.”

This would help people not pull a @CheekyGrinch in the Fall of 2017, that’s fer true.

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It’s the icon to the left that looks like an open book that’ll give things like timers, rubies, and other items for getting towers to a certain level, experting dragons, and various other goals of sorts. Eventually, it just turns into leveling and egg token missions.

Ah thanks for that yes i still have a few of them to go through.

IMO I think a better and more realistic approach would be to let you take the divine dragons out at your max dragon level (ie if your highest dragon is 35 (sapphire) then you would get a sapphire version to test drive). This test drive option could automatically take you to an invader type base (which automatically adjusts to your level).

This way the only coding they have to do is to add an option to give you access to the divine, then have it automatically kick off the invader base which is basically a solo XP base anyways.

That should be a relatively easy thing for them to code in without all the extra steps your original plan would entail.

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Thanks that could work. my only concern would be for early players that can get a dragon with stones but may not be high enough to unlock all the spells. It would be rare but would still happen. It is like the videos that have been put up with level 6 no stone divines. There is little point of that because you can’t see/use the other spells in action. However the invader base is another good idea ( I am not Atlas but i have read and heard about invader bases) so either these or the mini Assault base i wouldn’t mind either.

While that’s a fair point, typically a player will only be unlocking a dragon relative to their level +/- maybe 1 or two tiers. The dragons get all spells by level 13 which is typically within the first 2-3 stones. So anyone who won’t get the dragon unlocked far enough to get ALL of the spells available, likely won’t be using them at that stage either, so its probably a much more realistic test of the dragon they actually will be using as opposed to a “max” level dragon which most players won’t actually see any time in the near future. So I think this approach will be a more accurate representation of the dragons power at the levels the player will actually be using it at, as opposed to a max level view which most players probably will never actually see.

There are certainly some trade offs, but IMO I think this would make for a better approach for actually testing the dragons at the appropriate levels for the player.

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This is really a great idea. They should make an event out of it as part of the release of new dragons. Killing two birds with one stone.

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Sorry but taking dragons out for a test flight against an invader base is a garbage idea. Invader bases are trash that mostly contain projectile towers, no special towers, no mages and no farms.

At least the Assault bases we’re decently well thought out and of adequate length and difficulty that you could actually be able to just the effectiveness of the dragon as a lead or a follower to a dragon in your current lineup.

I also firmly believe that it shouldn’t just be at your max current level. A LOT of players like to plan down the road what dragon would suit their needs at higher levels, why not let us take it for a spin higher up to see if it scales properly or if other factors come into effect? Another point being what about those level 40 players out there whose divines are capped at level 4? They need to be able I actually test out all of the spells before deciding. Let them choose a dragon level and then test it against any Assault base they want to try and take down.

Heck it may even help improve flying skills as a side bonus


Yes I was just about to say that it should be able to be test flown up to Max level if we so chose. What’s better for a test drive: the Tesla in ludicrous mode or the Tesla in energy saver mode? :joy:

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There are two reasons I suggested the invader base…

  • Invader is already something that exists and you will have access (once you get Atlas). It requires zero additional coding or effort for them to enable this.
  • Invader, while I agree is limited, it is at least consistent, so it will help you measure how your dragons will perform.

Its not a perfect solution, as there is no such thing, but its something that would be relatively easy to do programmatically, realistic, and is enough for a competent player to get a feel for their dragons. It is not a perfect base, nor will such a base ever exist for you test.

If you can’t take a dragon on an invader base, or an XP base you use regularly and get a feel for its basic worth, then honestly it won’t matter what base they give you, it won’t help you. The problem in that case isn’t with the base, its with the flyer. The whole point of this is to give you a feel for the dragon and how it will perform, if you can’t extrapolate that data by running a standard base, then you won’t be able to extrapolate it any better by running a max level base. In fact you’ll have less of a sense of the dragon you will actually be flying, because he will be flying well beyond your level, something you have no actual frame of reference for, so you will be unable to accurately translate his performance on a max level base, to bases at your existing level.

Sure, this will give you a better feel for the dragon at Max level, but unless you’re already approaching Obsidian, this information is more or less irrelevant because everything will be changed by the time you go from Sapphire to Obsidian. It seems silly to me to judge a dragon based on where it will be in 2 years from now, as opposed to how you will be using it for the next 6-12 months.

The biggest problem with xp bases, and bases like them, are that dragons that perform the best against them actually are not the best against a real base. Take Leos for example. At level 5, he could easily get over 70% on Haloxp, a level 94 xp base. I was never able to do that with a level 5 Necryx. However, Necryx is far and away the better dragon.

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Assault bases offer the same two things. They are already preconstructed bases so I have zero clue why you think there would be more coding required for them?

Are live bases consistent? No. So why would you test a base that always offered you the same garbage if your goal is to use these dragons against all different styles of bases with varying tower levels and difficulties?

It is honestly not a perfect solution, but it’s not even a good solution. IMO letting people fly against invader bases is EVEN WORSE THAN NOT LETTING THEM FLY AT ALL since it will give people the false impression of a dragons strength against real bases and will promote people with very little knowledge or experience the ability to record videos and brainwash other younger players into selecting a dragon that may not be the best for them.

Sorry but I’m 100% against running them on invader or XP bases. It would have to be Assault style bases (live base replicas) or nothing at all.