Test flights for Seasonal Divines



Definitely agree. Invader bases are great for XP runs imo, but it really depends on dragons.

For example, in my experience, Necryx has a harder time on those bases due to all projectiles and no elemental towers. Testing him out solely on that base, you wouldn’t be able to really see his abilities. Similarly, Chimerak can destroy the invader bases due to the lack of mage towers. One might conflate his abilities and think “oh he’s great” and then be sorely disappointed when actually using him.

For max benefit, a testing base would have to include mage towers throughout the base to really be able to get a feel for it.


It’s a very good idea that we’ve had on our minds for almost as long as seasons have existed, but is very challenging to implement. If we have more bandwidth sometime down the line on our roadmap, we may explore this more.


Awesome to know it is being thought of and thanks for the reply.


To the extent that you can share, what challenges did you guys run into that maybe the community could brainstorm solutions for?

While to me a practical application is very ambiguous, there is a serious lacking of showcasing new dragons sufficiently.

I could probably think of a really basic way to implement a seasonal dragon testdrive using an existing event as the vehicle to sell everyone on their new dragon desires.


I can see your point. If you take out all that condescension in your response, I might be willing to actually fully respond. Otherwise, I’ll just stick to disagreeing.


Assault bases do what invader bases would, just better. If you’re buying a Ferrari they don’t just let you take it for a test drive, they let you take it on a track. I don’t understand why you’re so against assault bases being used, or maybe youre one of those that get married to an idea and refuse to let go? Smh


Unfortunately, not everyone has “seen it all.” Quite frankly not everything can be extrapolated, hence the need to test it out. Most people getting these dragons have not had a wide ranging experience. Often times the Divine is their first experience with whole classes of spell types. Having a realistic base to test against is so much better than a base that has none of the actual mainstay towers in the game.

If you are skilled enough to give a good evaluation of a dragon just by flying it against an easy xp base, good for you, but plenty of us are just neophyte morons who have not reached that exalted tier of skill.


Joined on 4 Jan then talking smack to mechengg. She doesn’t know who anyone here is obviously


Could you just add a TLDR to each of your posts that you forgot that the Assault event exists and all of it’s assets are still in the app, rather than doubling down on narcissism and name calling? :thinking:

I mean…maybe you forgot that the vast majority of the war dragons players aren’t in Atlas and using that map as a test demo for divines is the worst way to promote Atlas to them? :thinking:


Invader base has got to be the worst base design out there. Even worse than xp bases lol


Which is why it’s especially cringeworthy seeing real bases than could pass as invader bases haha


Eh… I don’t care enough to edit it. I’m not at all tied to using the invader base. My point is simply that it is a simple and efficient way to test drive the dragons, and he’s upset and offended because that apparently offers absolutely zero value to him because he can’t figure out how to apply that information to his dragons and flying ability. My point was simply that if he is incapable of translating that data from the invader base into something even remotely useful, then its not going to matter what base we offer, because none of them are going to give him all of the answers. If dev wants to use a different base, or create new bases, I’m perfectly fine with that. I simply provided a suggestion that would meet the basic needs to test fly the dragon. And I used a condescending tone to match the same tone he used in his last reply.

But like I said, I’m not married to any specific idea, it was simply a thought that I felt would be easy to implement and sufficient for the task at hand, his response was to attack the idea and call it utterly worthless because apparently that’s just not enough for him to figure out basic information even when given the chance to fly the dragon. If he wants to be offended and upset by that, then he’s welcome to be. My point stands, and the devs will make the final determinations regardless of what either he or I recommend.


He actually made a very valid point if you bothered to consider it. :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


Lol you must not know of @mechengg. He is definitely much more capable to most when it comes to many things War Dragons. And his post didn’t blatantly call people who disagreed with him idiots or incompetent fliers. He just disagreed and explained why.

But then again, what does lowly little me know when compared to your all-knowing and high-competence?


Quite the contrary, I would have to be an idiot not to know who Mechengg is, which is why I consider several of his statements to be absolutely absurd.

All utterly absurd statements. Assault base may be a viable option, as I am not familiar with them I can’t say exactly what they are or how they differ, that’s not the point. He didn’t say Assault would be a better option, it may very well be, I can’t answer that particular question. His position was that flying on Invader or some other similar base would be utterly worthless, and I completely disagree with that.

My point is simply that if you can’t test drive a dragon on invader or some other similar base, and get at least a basic idea of what that dragon might be capable of, then it really doesn’t matter what base you put it on. Because if you can’t extrapolate at least some useful information from a basic test flight, then giving you a more “realistic” base isn’t going to simplify that process for you. Yes, a more realistic base will potentially provide additional information. But his point was that he CANNOT get ANY useful information out of a test flight on invader. And my point is simply if that provides absolutely zero value for him, then the assault base or any other base for that matter isn’t going to help him either. Because while yes it has more tower variety, its the same basic process used to extrapolate that data. To say he is incapable of gathering absolutely any useful data with the invader base, is the same thing to me as saying that he is incapable of extrapolating any useful data with any base. Thus my comment that it doesn’t matter what base we offer him at that point, since by his own statements he is apparently lacking in the necessary skills to put any base to good use.


I suppose if you are an XP base king that you would naturally also be great at flying well built defended bases - I mean that’s what you’re really saying right? Because an XP base king will be able to ‘extrapolate’ the info he/she needs in order to know how the dragon will perform on other bases.

Your statement is the one that makes no sense.

What Mech is saying is that running on invader bases gives a very very false impression of the ability of the dragon. So much so that it is actually better NOT to have them run on those types of bases as a majority of players will not be able to understand that it is 100% not representative of the actual ability of the dragon. I mean by your rationale, Munin would be a GREAT dragon because it absolutely kills on XP and invader bases! LMAO

Based on your comments I think the real one that doesn’t have flying skill is you :man_shrugging:


Oh and by your rationale, Necryx absolutely SUCKS, because my level 21 Nec ends an invader base with about 70% health while my level 15 Whale ends it with 99% health. SMH


Where did I say that the absolute best base to test a dragon on was invader or XP, that was simply a proposed solution that would be convenient. What I said is if you can’t learn absolutely ANYTHING on that flight, then that’s a problem.

So ya, if you’re telling me that you can’t take a dragon on an XP base or whatever other similar base you have, that you can’t learn a single thing about that dragon, then yes, you have a problem.


No, BY YOUR logic, that’s what you’re saying, I’m saying if you can’t take a look at his skills and figure out that they are elemental based, then you have a problem with your logic.


Who’s saying that an invader base can be used to measure dragon performance again?

Oh and FYI in case you haven’t noticed, there are no elemental towers besides lightning and storm on invader bases so how shall one test flight necryx? :man_shrugging: