Testable Speed Boost Query Tool Suggestion. - to show total days of Speed Boosts


Hello Boys Andy Girls

I see there something like this or interest in doing this,p?

I only care about 15M-3H speed boosters, since the lower minutes are negligible to me and I can just add the 12H + speed boosts in my head. But if there was a form it could just have you enter what your interested in, and this is the full set of logic.

You just need a web browser to try’s this.

Replace the bold ‘15 M’, ‘30M, 1HR, 3R’ … etc. with how many 15 minute, 30 minute … etc speed boosters you have.


Your Data should look like this.
Paste to browser or calc app
542 days ( it seem so high to me), math wiz’s please test my logic.

Full set Template


I can make a form in a while unless someone wants to take it. Thanks.


Thanks for helping :blush:

However, Mech has integrated it in his Fort Planner.
Still, it’s appreciated. :+1:


Cool thanks. Is it in latest fort planner?

This tool basically tells us that those smaller speed boosts really add up.

Anyways thank so for the quick reply.


Yes, it is.


If you made it into a nice form that would display well in the wiki, that would be pretty handy.


shouldn’t it be (12H/2) ? :thinking:


Someone has something like that already. I forget what post though, maybe they can share.

Edit: Here is the post and scrolling down a few post he gives the copy/paste info to add to the wiki.


Even though there since something similar to this already. We all appreciate it that you came up with your own.


Your correct in deed. Thank you. I’ll edit above too, in case anyone wants this info.

I was focusing on my short set and missed this. Thanks

Corrected Full set Of logic


  1. Aka. Purple.


Still seems like something I don’t want to do lol.
Remember or copy this formula somewhere then have to type it into a browser? Lotta work

Try using an Excel or google sheet. I’ve integrated it into my fort planner, but it’s always something that can be built in 20 seconds and it’s way easier to update


I literally coded it into my TI-84 seven months ago.


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