Testing Your Own Base

I am I the only wishing they could test their own base?
Every so often after a fortification event like the one that’s coming up now, I like to test my base and change it acording to my team base guild. But that can be difficult when your watching someone else do it. I mean, it can be difficult to share thoughts in a middle of a raid. I guess if you had a different electronic with WD, you can attack if you’re not on the same team, but some of us aren’t exactly rich like that. Knowing someone who is your level outside of your team is rare, and some people take advantage if you put and ask for an attack on your league chat (ex. Higher people then you attack). Can we please have a way where you can test your base? I won’t even mind if it cost double food or something, but it hurts even just to TRY to update your base.

Please voice your votes or concerns,


I like to try my own base when someone defending too but they dont even support the idea of view my base from above

To be fair, some of us like the hand on part, where you get to zoom in or move around the camera. You cannot do that with a picture.
I would personally prefer if we could have it on the same screen also. If I click out of war dragons and then go back on, I have to load it all up again also


you can switch between 3d view base and top view in attack you know

For the people higher than you in LC, if they’re wanting to actually be helpful, they can switch in some dragons of the tiers you typically see attacking you.

Once I helped someone asking for help in LC by swapping some green dragons into my roster to help them test their base, when I was currently breeding sapphire dragons.

If requesting help that way, you could ask “Could someone attack me with Ettin?” as an example. You’d want to choose a lineage dragon of the tier that normally strolls through your base.


Be a loudmouth in LC and you will get plenty of replays to go through :+1:


That’s a good idea! Let me go get my bag of pranks :joy::smiling_imp:

Once I dreamed to have Neptus strolling over my base, and I got what I want, just not from expected tier :sweat_smile:


That’s why I specified lineage dragons :laughing: the devine ones could be anything :joy::joy::joy:


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