Text clarification for Manhattan's "Sunlight skill" description

Can we please get the wording of the Sunlight skill, to say “Fire turrent SS gives 25% refill”, instead of the current “Spitfire gives 25% refill”?

(It could also be rewritten as “Spitfire (Fire Turrent SS) gives 25% refill.” )

Or even “Fire turret gives 25% refill”, turrent isn’t really a word :grin:

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I don’t think it has to be the super shot, any shot from a fire turret.

I assume we are talking about Mehaten’s Heat Shield unless I missed a limited edition Empire State dragon.

Edit: sadly he is best perched once experted


That’s where mine keeps sunning himself :rofl::rofl: island 6 perch

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Yeah. That’s what Support said, when I asked for clarification of “Spitfire”. Lol


Guessing Apophet stays useful, while the others get sunbathing suits. Lol

I’m flying Harb/Vanguard dragons… Hau and Renard are the two low tier dragons (aside from the almighty LordEmber) who tend to stay in my roster.


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