Thank You Again PG

Tonights apology gift was unexpected and pleasant to receive.

I know some here may look at a sincere thank you with disdain, not sure why, but I have been gaming a long time and few, very few companies show the generosity yours does.

Thank you for the gift tonight.



They only reason for disdain is that it’s nothing compared to what some players lost, and the people who lost nothing get something


But if you lost anything, all you have to do is ask for it back. I’m not seeing the issue.

And players were affected by the issues, even if they didn’t lose anything.

Anyway, yeah, the gifts were nice.


The problem is they’re not giving it back lol (from the posts I’ve read no idea what’s going on really)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost items, been told to submit a ticket to get it back, and received nothing but headaches.

I will no longer write a ticket, the support company is garbage

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Pretty sure Cowboy said they received several thousand support tickets yesterday. So yeah, it may take a minute to get your stuff back.

Or, you can learn from the past and not go all Leeroy Jenkins in the first few hours of an event, especially an event starting a new season, just to be sure you lose nothing.


They did give it back, my team experienced this. PG is a very responsive company. Mistakes and errors will be made, it is how you respond to them that makes a good company. PG is a good company from where I stand.

Lol no chill at all

PG does not handle first ticket response, you have to beg the company that does to have PG check the ticket or come here and beg

…you mean you don’t get a special reward for being the first one to post in LC with a new avatar? How about if you are the first one to brag about hatching a new season dragon? Nothing for that either?

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Note to self, work on that word-replacement script this weekend.


Have certain people been assigned with special work in response to your appreciation?

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To auto Jared to Cowboy?

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Trying to figure out why he just doesn’t change his name to PGCowboy?

I was thinking more about changing it from “cowboy” to “please PG I need someone to mute my account because I make bad jokes”. Still thinking about the exact wording.


Sounds like PgGrinch might fit?


Ok. Uncle. I give. Don’t Pan me.

Seriously though, I know PX is getting hammered and it isn’t you guys’ fault that the season start didn’t go as planned. Glad y’all are trying to make it right for the affected players.

Guess I’m just lucky, I haven’t had any game issues in a while :man_shrugging:


Meh, I’ve been called PGGrinch before many times.

No worries. I don’t mind a little joking from time to time.


It is an honorable title


Thank you! I thought it was a very nice surprise and everyone I have sent an email to for help has been great😊