Thank you for the eggs PG

I never got a reply from my ticket, but this apology gift compensates it for sure. Nice one PG


Many thanks :pray:t3:

Yeah pg thanks for giving us the tokens we should have gotten a day before

For the vast majority of teams, it’s more than they’d have gotten anyway XD


Why the sarcasm?
Did this delayed 850 tokens substantially affect you in any way shape or form?

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No the daily standard didn’t effect me getting it 48 hours later, but the tokens from the 8 wars between that I didn’t get did…

How many tokens were you out in total for the wars? Have you not been able to collect war rewards since? Or was it 8 wars that one day?

Huh? No, they gave what you would have gotten. In plat4 it was 250.

8 wars over two days and only the 200 tokens where replaced following the mix up.

And now instead of going from gold 2 into Platinum 4 it looks as if we will be stuck in gold again since we’ve lost a rating point after league swap should have been 2 hours ago. So calculate that and lemme know how many egg tokens I’ll lose out now

This is for Atlas tributes :slight_smile:

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There has been posts about leagues not swapping correctly. That has NOTHING to do with the token issue.

Check your in game and see if 850 tokens were just sent to you. How many do you win per war? 50? 100? Did you win all 8 wars?

Haven’t lost a war in weeks, and I’m probably a little too salty to continue this conversation

I remember having received my war tokens on the next day or so. Anyways as long as we receive it before next breeding it’s okay, no rush

The tokens were more than I missed out on and it was much appreciated. Thank you PG.

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Yep. Thanks is in order. :+1:

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