Thank you for the rebalancing

I legitimately appreciate it. Keep up the good work, PG. You have my full support.

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You may get a lot of flak here soon (sorry couldn’t resist) but I agree to an extent. The balancing of flak damage was absolutely needed, and if the flaks did what the graphs posted by PGCrisis promised there would probably just be some murmuring.

The implementation was messed up though, and we now have level 41 flaks doing less damage than level 36 ones, and all of the high level stuff doing only a fraction of what was posted. Quality control dropped the ball badly and some of the outrage for that is justified. I hope they manage to fix this fairly quickly so we get to see the intended changes without the implementation bugs muddying the discussion.

What level are you? I’m curious.

  1. Needs a littl work but I’ll make it to the bigs eventually.

That’s what I thought.

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or is it?


He probably likes it because he’ll be able to kill stuff way above his level when the time comes without any skill

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Believe he is really a 245 if he’s truly the leader of the team he purports to be.

I thought your name here was what it is in the game?

as long as you don’t access the in-game forum, your name won’t get updated.

Let’s say that I name myself Ken and accessed the forum in-game, I will show up as Ken.

Once I revert my name back as Kenshiki, it won’t show here my name Kenshiki until I access the forum again in-game.

That is how you hide your true identity unless of course you use an alt that is level 10 or so.

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You thought what? Doubtful it was anything original little lass.

I don’t lead a team anymore. Real life for busy enough and it was lead a team or keep trolling, so I gave up leading so I could continue to troll.


Can’t believe you guys didn’t pick this immediately…

Well done CB! More victims to you bow! :rofl:

Still the king CB. :rofl::beers:

I legit can’t be more obvious in my actions. But some people come along and man, their helmets must be gorilla glued to their heads. I swear.

Out of curiosity, How big of a support are you offering?

About three fitty.

You mean a sandwich?

And a bag of chips!

Can I have a small Sprite with that too please?:v: