Thank you pg for adding these to forge! 😁

Also I meant the the timers not the other three things


At least the reatio is getting better

In text Minutes Time to forge in minutes Ratio (smaller is better)
15M 15 60 4
1Hr 60 300 5
3Hr 180 600 3,333333333
12Hr 720 1800 2,5
24Hr 1440 3240 2,25
48Hr 2880 5760 2

Time to upgrade my Forge I suppose, it’s still at level 4 because there was nothing useful after.


Still only 7 3/4 days per Mont. Lol. Great, 42 days a tower upgrade. This is huge :joy::joy::sob::sob:

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As somebody that exclusively forges timers this is an improvement for me.


I only have the 24hr one showing. Of course, forging timers is a waste of time. Takes too long to get anything useful. But still…

I think you have to be post lvl 300 to get the 48 hour one.

Well, that’s not the problem… :joy:

Well, it’ll definitely help slightly IF you already have a Level 6 or Level 7 Forge.

If, like me, you stopped at Level 5, the break even point is way down the road. Both of my upgrades are around 16 days, 13 hrs given my current construction bonus. I can currently make a 12h timer in 30h, which works out to 24x12h timers over 30 days. If I spend ~33 days of timers, I’ll be able to make 7.5 x 2 day timers per 30 days. Ooooooo, an extra 3 days of timers per month. But, I’m starting 33 days in the hole, so the first 11 months will be needed to break even. So yes, it will help me… IF I spend the next 330 days building nothing but timers, I’ll finally see some minor progress. Alright guys, that 300 wall is fixed!

As always, if I made a math error feel free to point it out. But this smells, once again, of something that really doesn’t move the needle.


Your forge must be level 7 to get the two days one

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Hmmm… well I don’t know what’s wrong then. I can’t see the 48 hour one since I’m a measly 228 :joy::joy:

You should still be able to see it if you meet the level requirements, even if you can’t forge it.

For me (232) they’re not with the other timers, they’re way at the bottom. They do show up as unavailable, though it’s nice to have the count I guess.

I’m 202 and I have it. Is not level bounded (may be forge level bounded as others pointed out)

Need to be lev 55 :rofl::rofl::rofl: :hugs:


Hmm, they haven’t added anything to the forge in well over a year. Mine’s level 6 and I had everything (or so I was led to believe) until now. Probably not going to spring for timers and wood to upgrade for something I’ll never forge, but thanks!

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Thanks, Luffy. I didn’t scroll all the way down… I see it as locked. It’s the only one locked.

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I have the 48 hr timers. But I also have upgraded my forge to max trying to keep my level down :joy::rofl:

This great! Within 4 months I can forge enough 48 hour timers to make up the upgrade costs to the forge. Thanks PG!


What if you waited patiently the 33 days instead of speeding it up? @Lx460 too