Thank you PG. I can’t wait to play

Thank you so much for making such a fun and interactive game. I can’t wait to play.

Srs though. Does this look fun or fair to you? @PGGalileo

Edit: for clarification. I’m not complaining about losing troops. I’m complaining about someone quitting at around 70% and still killing more then they lose. It’s not fair for me to hit one of the biggest bases in the game and not be rewarded for that.


I whole heartedly agree with this. The reward for a 5 flame attack verses a 1 flame attack is absolute nonsense.


I’ve never understood why its a win after only 70% to be honest. The village is still protected, so how does the attacker get away with anything?

Probably too late to change that, but there could be a huge drop in troops killed vs. lost for less than 100% in atlas attacks to make things more fun. Otherwise people continue the quit after 70% technique, or after about 30-40% in some cases.

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Exactly. You can quit at around 20% in some circumstances and still get a favorable out come.

This is a broken game mechanic. It leads to stagnation and an unwillingness to hit certain teams due to the fact that your effort will not be rewarded properly. The fact that I can win a defense and not have a favorable out come come is absurd.


Don’t Even get me started on enfeeble. Honestly should be disabled on islands level 4+

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Enfeebled should scale with team rank. An example. I’m on a rank 30 team. If I hit a rank 9 team enfeeble should not nerf my towers nearly as much as they do. Now if I’m hitting a rank 300 team then sure by all means nerf me into the ground.


The biggest issue is for platinum teams that have a level 600 or 500 sandbagging in them. I do agree that it should be scaled better

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This is more of an incentives problem. It makes very little sense for players to play in D1 or D2 when you get basically the same global rewards in plat. But this is getting off topic :stuck_out_tongue:


I think 70% is a win because this is the mechanism for the whole game, and 70% vs 100% affects only the revival rate for your troops.
If it wouldn’t be this, the snipers would always win, because they always attack first and the counter snipers start their attack usually afterwards. So, I have no problem with the 70% vs 100% in this situation.

What I don’t like is the fact that when successfully defended you get shitty GP and is based on the troops lost by the defender and not by the attacker.


On the other side I find it very interesting that a handful of teams at the top have to deal with hundreds of teams below them by offering 100% glory to every tom dick and harry regardless of what team they play on.

The whole thing is an absolute mess imo.


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Come again?

Sounds like a personal vendetta against a team versus actual understanding of game mechanics.


Hi three, nice of you to stop by.

I’m not sure what my team has to do with this. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

It is impossible to fly a full base faster then they can fly 70% of mine. Unless I hit down.

Please do. I would love to clear the air.

Please provide evidence of a player hitting while not there.


The main problem I have is the game is based on speed way more than skill.

If the speed issue wasn’t bad enough, as @tinbru pointed out it, quitting early still benefits the attacker way more than the defender, so its not about who can finish first, it’s about who can quit first.

If there was a larger troop lost for 1-2 flame “victories” it would discourage the “who can quit first” competition and make the game more about skill.


Honestly I do agree with you to a certain extent. The part of me that disagrees with the speed issue is due to dragons such as hauheset and hauhzen existing haha :sweat_smile:. I think if they made wars do something more useful (say buff a team against another team in atlas) then there would be a place for less speed. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely hate krefeeble and early quitting tactics I really do, the biggest issue is pg hasn’t really given a large incentive for skilled flying in quite some time (outside the minimizing troop loss etc)

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That makes sense. With different set up dragons speed does put them at a necessary disadvantage. Although a race to 100% seems to make much more sense than a race to 70% (less than that even a lot of the time).

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Correct me if Im wrong but they get penalized for quitting early with their troop revival rates being much worse than yours and the prim ratios adjusts at one flame so you’re still getting the proper glory. Those early quits hurt the opponent more. It does frustrate to go out and get the message that someone wiped you before you can finish the attack (especially if youre training a rider) but the mechanic is still balanced based on ratios and glory earned and revivals.


From what I’ve seen, it isn’t as bad as it should be.
It is still a major issue.

I believe the ratio is 90% revives for 5 flames and 70% for anything els. Which eh, small victory’s I guess.

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85% is a little more than just 70% but yeah