Thank you PG ❤️

Thank you pg for the amazing game u have created and everything you have done

Thank you for listening to our feed back
Thank you for the help u do
And sorry when we have been rude to u
Everyone pls give a reason to thank pg.


PG, thank you for bringing Gal to the community. He does a lot and usually does so with a smile, quick wit and more information than we otherwise would get.


This game was originally owned by BitPigs they created it PG just bought it off them


Thank you PG for giving us a game that is far from perfect, but at the same time has brought people from across the globe and from all walks of life together, creating friendships that will endure long after the last dragon has completed its final flight.


Thx u PG for the buff u will do to Glorious Charge, extending the distance traveled so to be useful in Atlas. Thx u PG :heart:


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Thank you PG for indirectly creating the annual, sometimes more Great Alpaca Gathering. If we didn’t play the game (at one point in time because half of the alpaca OGs don’t play anymore), we would not know each other and made our friendships.

Edit: but I’m not sorry for when I’m rude. I’ll only apologize if I actually feel sorry about it. Blame me being brought up Southern for that.


I’ve actually made some amazing connections to people I would have otherwise unlikely met in a million years. For that I am grateful.


1000000%. Even though I still won’t tell the people at work that I’m taking off a couple of days to go meet “strangers from the internet phone game.”


So what? I don’t see the relevance… they hardly just bought it off them


That’s really all I know a few other people know more than me but I was told they Bought it off of PG end of story, plus Pg has other games to watch just Google their name.

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That’s because it’s an absolutely insane concept to travel hundreds of miles to meet people that you’re not even romantically interested in, let alone met them via the chat function of some stupid phone game. Thanks for not turning out to be a serial killer, Ghost. Unless you’re still just gaining my trust. In that case, I see you’re in it for the long game. I like the commitment. :+1:


Again so what? Pg didn’t initially make the game but it sure as hell wasn’t anything like it is today. Pg made the game what it is today. Yes they’ve made mistakes… lots and I mean lots of mistakes but they’re actually trying and in some cases are doing well just because bitpig was the predecessors doesn’t mean they aren’t the ones for the past 5+? Years worked on new content across all aspects of the game to keep us all here despite our issues with pg we still come back :woman_shrugging:


I agree with this 100%. It has been awesome meeting and getting to know the Alpaca clan… That has made the game more enjoyable than just about anything else.


Lol show up at next Alpaca like “SURPRIIIIIIIISE!!!” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


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Thank you PG for continuing to work on the game.
Thank you for trying week after week to make the game fun even if sometimes plans fall through and need to be revised.
Thank you to the community for the laughs and headaches. I have met some wonderful people on this game.

Honestly, if people playing cannot find one thing to be thankful for, then you should probably quit.
As it is said, if you are frustrated and upset about things with the game, then that means you still care about and like the game enough that you haven’t quit playing yet.


I love the concept of this thread.

Thank you, PG, for sticking with us through all of the flak that you have gotten, all of the vitriolic outcries from players on the forums, and really everything else. Thank you, PG, for being (generally) forthright with the community in regards to your motives and intentions behind certain things which are added to or changed in the game. Thank you, PG, for your apology gifts that you distribute after almost every mishap that occurs, even if most players are ungrateful and deem them insufficient or insulting. Thank you, PG, for your previous attempts at including diversity in your content. Thank you, PG, for showing that you genuinely care for the player base and the state of this game, even if it is never seen by a vast majority of forumgoers. Thank you, PG, for assembling experienced players, forming different factions to test content for the rest of the player base, ensuring that said content is free of glitches and bugs.


Which part? The being thankful to PG part? Yeah, it’s a bit absurd and silly tbh. Especially with today being Easter, I have many more things to be thankful for.

Thank you PG for creating a game that keeps me occupied during quarantine😁