Thank you so much PG it was worth it to wait

What a generous and great surprise! I didn’t expect it. :heart_eyes:

Thank you! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:!


There’s another gift thread, but I like this title better, so I’m conflicted to link the other thread here haha :man_shrugging:t3:


Agree! This one’s waaay better :joy:

Yes we complain all the time haha.
But sometimes it’s good to say thank you ! So thank you PG for the gift :grin:

Thank you PG… happy new year everyone :grinning:

Thank you PG! :heart_eyes:

Thanks PG😊

Thank u pg

Thank you so much PG for your generous gift. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Completely unexpected but wholly appreciated

Thanks PG for putting up with this community :laughing:

Happy holidays :smiley: 7

Thank you for the holiday gift PG, Happy New Year!

Gifts are better when they aren’t demanded to be given…


not bad PG … thx for the gift ya

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