Thanks for everything Red

Sad to see another legend gone thanks for everything red enjoy life outside of the game


Sad day…

Thanks for everything Red :heart:

Thank you and goodbye red :pleading_face:

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she event bother to say goodbye here,
But her work are eternal to this game, Red Breeding Path

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well who ever uses her paths it is in there

She left the forums a long time ago.


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Ouch yes I just noticed the little tab.

I will also say thank you Red for your work and passion. This game was improved dramatically through your efforts and will not be the same without you.


For good now

Hope to see her in forums at least…

Its been sad news in wd lately. Things went downhill since I left. Employees are quitting. Players are. It is expected but sad to see the balloon deflating.

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You’re not worth the words.


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If you cant say anything nice then dont say anything at all :roll_eyes:


Red said she had her forum account banned

Apart from her useful breeding guide, her biggest achievement was the discount of egg tokens for low lvl tier dragons especially sapphire dragons.
She fought hard and yes we are grateful for that.


Wow red is gone? :flushed:

Sad day for sure

Who’s gonna take over her breeding paths?

As I did on facebook, it seems I need to clarifiy.

  1. Yes, I quit the game. I was not looking for attention, I was simply saying goodbye as I left. I did not feel it was needed to make a big forum post, a big twitter post, a big live stream or anything to say good bye in a huge public setting. All I did was leave a note on my paths, at the very end. That message says:

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Today marks the end of a personal era. I started playing War Dragons on April 20th, 2015 on my iPhone 5. My phone would run so hot we had to play with ice packs due to how much time we spent in the game and how much some phones couldn’t handle it. At this phase in the game, there were no tools to help players and there were certainly no public breeding paths. My history with breeding paths began in this time, as we experimented and tracked the best plan (so we thought) in our team wiki’s. Eventually, a selfless player on Dread named Amoeba released the first accurate and comprehensive breeding website for the game. Using this, I updated my team’s paths and eventually began to help those outside my team too. Somehow we went from there to this massive spreadsheet that we have now. I have spent years going over these, and while I am by no means perfect, it worked out alright.

Today is the end of my career in War Dragons.

I could list my reasons why, and I could say many heartfelt good byes. I have made some true friends on this game over the years and grew as a person. However, it is now my time to go. I will miss a small handful of people, but I can honestly say I am happy to be finally set free.

To you, dear reader, I ask one thing - preserve the integrity of my time spent on these paths. Please do not copy this work or use it in a way that is not intended. I gave you links to use to embed this in game, you have the link to share to your team otherwise (, and the paths up until endgame have no reason to change. Leave them be, and leave my work be out of respect for the time I have given the community. Tools have been given to PG to help them preserve the integrity of breeding decks and even automatically generate breeding paths (if everything is done to plan). Someone else already has access to edit my breeding paths, and you will see an edit if PG follows the outlined plans for tiers moving forward. Again, please just show some respect for my time and small legacy in this game.

Finally I say to you good bye. Fly high, dragon lords.


  1. It was approximately an 8 week phase out for my team that came to its completion Tuesday.

  2. Since 2015, I have left my team once in late summer of 2017 for approximately 3 months. Otherwise I have been on Rulith with my main account.

  3. I have threatened to quit in protest 3 times (if I remember correctly) in 5 years, but never had to follow through. The “biggest” time I protested was whenI disabled my breeding paths for a few days (before a breeding event) to make a stand demanding lower tiers be discounted. I wonder how that worked out. Sorry if my breeding paths being down before an event were that much of a hinderance.

  4. As posted on my paths, they will be updated (because Im not a monster) if PG uses the auto path making tool I provided them.

  5. I have never quit the game other than the couple of months off in 2017 and I have only protested things, never did the snowflake “give me validation so I don’t quit” bullshit. I stayed all these years for my team, not due to the validation of the forums or any other version of the war dragons community. While I appreciate the kind words and acknowledgement of the small service I have done the community, that’s never what kept me playing. If you’re going to attempt to slander my name, get your facts straight. There is a lot of actual dirt you can find, so there is no need to make it up.