Thanks for listening

I just want to thank the PG team for listening to player feedback AND actually acting on it properly for once. Changing the event back to fort was definitely the right move. Theres a ton of negativity on the forums right now, and rightly so, but I want to highlight something positive at least. Now if yall could get on those other issues like the 300 wall, that’d be great :+1:


Read any of my comments in any other thread. I’m not some PG apologist. Forgive me for trying to bring some positivity for ONE thing PG has done right recently :fu:


Wow, shouldn’t you be forum banned by PG for obscene gestures in your comments?

Ignoring the fact PG implements the obscene gesture emoji…

Why did you hide this moderators?

There is too much negativity here. Thanks for being a little positive. :grin:


Apparently can’t even do that without getting trolled! Oh well, I tried. Back to complaining about all the other issues with the game I guess.


Well you did flip a guy off. :man_shrugging:t2: :rofl:

300 wall can stay :smiley: no issues with it

Rude. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alot have dealt with it even f2p players its possible :grin:

A lot of people dealt with polio too, but we don’t have to now. :man_shrugging:t2:


May I ask what exactly have been done?
Making official announcement about another event and screwing up ppl,who spent speedups,thinking that they can grind some,since it’s PVP,not fort?
A bunch of ppl won’t be happy,but those 100 who commented on Forum will be satisfied,oh well…I guess that’s how things work those days
It’s not a feedback,when 80% of player base haven’t been asked.
I’ll learn next time to invite 300 ppl to be vocal and got what we want :memo:
Looks,like there is no stability and no trust to words
And no,I don’t care which event supposed to be,I’d love to see Breeding personally
But as long as word been said,ppl should stick to it at least for once
My trust issues growing up with fast progression
I’m sorry that I can’t add some positive here this time


I’m not sure how the political system in your country works, and I’m only using this an an example. For elections here, very few people actually go out and vote. Not sure what the exact stats are, but it’s less than 30%. So essentially that vocal minority are the only ones who get a say. Here on the forums, we are the vocal minority of the playerbase. The only feedback PG gets is from us, and the occasional survey they send out. So yes, next time if you want to provide a different opinion on an issue, by all means invite more people to the forums, because this is the only place we have a voice.

In the other thread, I stated both my personal reasons for wanting a fort event and objective reasons why it shouldve been fort to begin with. And it seems that more of the “voters” wanted fort than money pits :man_shrugging:

Edit: I completely agree that PG needs to stick with what they said. However, they said they were going back to a 4 week cadence, not 5 or 6.


I went through the sapphire-emerald tiers before the discounts too, doesnt mean I want everyone else to suffer through it just because I did.


We delt with aids but should we especially since it’s preventable?
And Awesome thread, it’s nice to have a positive vibe on here once in a while. This community iss quite Toxic :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones: and I’m afraid of getting contaminated by it.

It’s better to stick with what you feel is truth even if it’s unpopular opinion

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Fort is the only event that makes sense to end the season.

Hope you saved your timers…

Emmm…it’s difficult to vote if you have no clue that election is ongoing rn
So,yep…not sure that I’m agree
This issue been ongoing for ages,causing lots of fights. Ppl wants stability.
And we all know that they are allowed to bring pulls to game(when you opening and this scary msg WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK will pop out in your face ) :joy_cat:
Which will actually help them
Forum isn’t the “must” part of the game
Players are free to visit it or no
If you’ll check in game adds/part where they are talking about forum,it will tell you that it’s a place,where ppl sharing experience,basically.
So if they want everyone to give feedback here,it will be nice to inform everyone with in game msg(alike they are doing with Twitch streams)
Send msg,post link.get feedback.
If I’m making elections in a place which haven’t been announced officially and ppl haven’t had any specific info or dates I won’t say that it was legit action)
Btw,bringing law makes me very excited,since I have some experience in those questions. Especially,as a public prosecutor)

As I said,if they want to call it a feedback-it must be a real feedback,based on auditing whole player base,which is willing to participate.
Otherwise,it’s gonna be endless argue and ppl never wouldn’t be happy.
Saying.that it was players feedback,can only piss ppl off.
Just my 5 cents
Again,I’m done with this season so event isn’t affecting me,because I don’t need any sigils.
What I don’t like is the new tendency to make decisions,based on “feedback” from Forum (btw most of ppl who gives feedbacks are alts or players of same teams,so even number of the voters here isn’t very valid argument)


Fair enough, wasnt the best example I’ll admit. And the time between the pits announcement and PG changing it to fort was pretty short. But they didnt ask for feedback either, it was given by the players almost immediately, and the predominant theme of that feedback was that we wanted fort instead.

Im not saying that the forums should be the only way for the playerbase to express their thoughts, but PG isnt great at sending out surveys, so what other option do we have?

I agree with you that they should stick to their word. And they certainly shouldve thought twice and asked for feedback BEFORE throwing a curve ball at us. But I do think they did the right thing in changing it to fort, because it shouldve been fort in the first place.

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I told you nothing to be thankful for. It’s them that screwed up knowing that we’ll get upset and all. If @PGChocolate is in the same cadence as we all are then the fight pits announcement earlier on wouldn’t have happened duhhh :man_shrugging:t2:

I was more being thankful that they listened and corrected the mistake at all :man_shrugging: How often do they actually listen to us, really? Not often, and usually whatever action they DO eventually take is weeks or months late. Like the egg token boost fix, took them 6 months to fix it.

So like I said in the OP, trying to bring some positivity back is all.

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If people were smart they would only use speedups during fort or maybe breeding to hatch a dragon and breed with it. Not sure why anyone playing strategically would waste speeds outside of those events but I guess to each their own. There are some major issues with this game and with that comes alot of negativity so it is nice to have some positivity here every once in a while.