Thanks for listening


If people were smart they would only use speedups during fort or maybe breeding to hatch a dragon and breed with it. Not sure why anyone playing strategically would waste speeds outside of those events but I guess to each their own. There are some major issues with this game and with that comes alot of negativity so it is nice to have some positivity here every once in a while.


Actually I’m surprised that they changed it back to fort. I wouldn’t care either way since Fight Pits is one of the better PvP events for me, but I have noticed that I got an unusually high amount of speedups during the feeding event so I can understand why people would be mad.


So PG happens to be pressured into changing one event after some butthurt players on the forums while ignoring many larger issues that have been repeated and protested for months through social media, youtube, forums, etc? Good job being sensitive to the player base PG.:clap::clap:


Do not shut down the game — that is what I fear most — not enough paying players​:grimacing::sob:


Lmao, being in the medical field this is the greatest comment of the day… I’ve laughed for 30 minutes :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I will hold my praise when they actually do something decent on their own. Having feeding made sense since it would make Fort be 4 weeks from the last one to bring the cadence back. Why on God’s green Earth they thought throwing Feeding then a PVP in the middle and going from a 3 week cadence to a 5 week makes no sense whatsoever. They shouldn’t get praise for not thinking things through. I’m sorry. But this is their SOP. Screw up and sometimes change it and expect us to kiss their ass for something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.


I dissagree, fort at the start of the next season would have been better.
Mostly a new season starts off with a 50% discounted dragon. Fort is generally easier to archieve the last reward and even the bonus tier rewards. Thus getting more out of that 50% discount.




People can do what they want with their game, but they will act based on what is announced. Using speedups outside of those two instances does not make you “not smart” if you have a plan of your own.
Just because that’s what the majority does it doesn’t make that the only smart thing to do. And also not the way it is supposed to be.


I hoped it was pvp…

I’m done with this season (got Pathox), and i’ve been saving my rubies and chests for fort (need timers).

Now I don’t have enough timers for fort, and I don’t want to use my chests and rubies this season.

OH THE DILEMMA! :weary::weary:


Most people open tens and tens of saved gold chests in pvp when it’s the beginning of season hoping to get both good stuff for pvp-ing and high sigil drops, that’s why a lot of people hope for pvp to be opening of those 2-weeks sale period.

But the fact that fortification will be now, means also that most likely one of two opening weeks will be breeding, which is also very easy to get high scores individually and for the team of course :blush: so there’s still a good chance for a nice start.


we´ve had this discussion beginning of this season already and I got tired arguing with the fact that for individual season planning for SOME Players it was optimal. For others it wasn´t! That lead to the fact that the “happy players” are the ones being “thankful for listening to feedback” the others were pissed that “minorities change things costing others their progress”.


Sad but true is that all we are doing is based on ASSUMPTIONS.

I mean - PG in the end is a company. Does any of us know what lead to the fact that events were changed? We can assume it was feedback… but honestly: do you guys EVER experienced PG that good that hours after announcing something things got changed? NEVER EVER!

Which leads to my assumption that this change has NOTHING to do with feedback, but with reasons we can´t know. My guess is it is simply based on their data base to maximize spending behaviour. While PVP might be in general an event with higher spendings, putting it on the end of the season might result in less revenue then putting it at the beginning of the following? Again, all assumptions but I highly doubt that any other reasons then economical are behind the change.

I am in the comfortable position of “I DON`T CARE” which one is the next event. What was actually crappy was announcing one thing and doing the other because that leads to change of behaviour.

Example: with PvP announced some people used timers rather then save them. If breeding would have been announced I would have speed up incubation to hatch a dragon to get it breedable. If hours later breeding would be canceld I´d be raging here.

@Lee1230 thanks so much for being positive and doing that public. We all (including me) need some more positive vibes. To me this is just another detail of the most horrible season I´ve ever experienced while playing this game. Not the season itself… but the things happening this season (event cadence, Altas-gate revival rates, tower increase by 10 levels etc.) are FUBAR


sorry to quote you since many before you wrote the same thing. Just one curious question:
Do you KNOW that there will be a discount?
Do you KNOW that it will be worth it?

Yes it is good to be prepared and save stuff for this in case it happens. I´d just be careful, nothing is annouced, nothing can be taken for granted. Given the faboulos ideas of PG lately I am expecting something like “Hi folks we are trying a new thing to increase satisfaction of our dragon lords and therefore removed the discount at the beginning of the season AND to have higher incentive for top-players we increased sigil costs of the mythic branches. ENJOY”


But pvp chests are better regardless n best to open during new season


Plan ahead. U had 4 weeks to do so which its always a month away with Candace n breeding is the same a month apart so the planing is set in Stone the change had screwed all up n release of earth flak did to


Hm no I never know it, I can only rely on history, and I understand nothing can be granted in the future from what we’ve had before. That’s why if such thing you described happens I won’t be one of those who will be marching on PG’s office with torches :smile: complaining (again) that something has been taken away from us. Because it wasn’t promised, it just used to be that way. (I’ll bring double sigil weekend thing again; if it happened once as a season final option doesn’t mean it’ll be every season final so I would not count on that when planning out a season ahead; as well as something like getting one legendary for opening 1/2 of mythic) But anything is changing somehow.
I do understand that if some major changes happen, it’ll take time to adjust, that’s why better be prepared at all times. :slight_smile:

Will, say, getting rid of sigil chests once and for all , or eliminating sale period make it way harder to achieve some goals? Ohhhh hell yes it will! Yet a year ago we had no sigil chests and were pretty happy anyway.


It kinda does, but people are free to do what they want with their resources. I just wont have sympathy for them when they complain about not having enough speedups during fort or tokens during breeding (got a few team mates who occasionally do this and I just :man_facepalming:)

If this event had stayed a pvp, I still dont see the sense in using speedups. It was assumed (theres that word again) that fort would then be the following week. That’s only a week to accumulate back all the speedups you just wasted outside of fort…dont really get the logic there.


What I think is amusing - is you guys are applauding them for listening to the players about fort.



They did it because it’s a MONEY EVENT

What about all the other issues? What about all the demands for changes? What about all the demands for answers? Where’s the response to that?


Y’all got played. They didn’t hear you, they heard your wallets :woman_facepalming:t2:


PG have said so many times they get most of their player opinions from the forums. If people want to have a voice that PG will hear they can come to the forums, if they don’t then that’s their decision to remain, for the most part, unheard.


this is a major issue and no reaction from pg yet


There are lots of major issues with no response.

Except, let’s change fort, cause - you know :woman_shrugging:t2: