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I’m not outright disagreeing with you, but how is fort a money event?


I’m gonna outright disagree with you. Fight pits is also called what? Money pits, that’s right. Whereas with fort you can easily get to the 450 sigil prize without spending a dime or really even trying that hard. Unless, of course, you’re using all your speedups outside fort events…


How is it not a money event? Really. Lol.


Poor saps like me who are over 300.
Edit:wouldn’t say it’s worst than money pits though :joy:


which one isn’t?


Yep. Sad, huh?


It is sad. But it also doesn’t seem to be reason to change it to fort. Just my 2 cents


Amen! Preach it!


Being over 300 doesnt mean you get less points for the same amount of speedups…you can still get to the 450 sigil prize in an hour, without spending. Difference being over 300 is that’s like 2 levels for you instead of 8 levels for someone under 300.


Sadly - we have over 2,000 complaints on a thread that still hasn’t been responded to.

Several others on the issues w atlas.

But this one, they listen to.


Which influences people, who are already very often spenders, to spend ridiculous amounts of money.


It’s not a money event because it’s easy to do well without spending money. Cant really be more clear than that. Save your speedups for fort and breeding and building troops, dont use them outside of that.


I’m not going to tell anyone what to do with their money. If you want to spend ridiculous amounts of money, go ahead. But it’s easy to reach the 450 sigil prize without spending in fort. In pits, you need at least 100 energy packs and 100 IF to realistically reach the 450 sigil prize, and if you dont have that you HAVE to spend to get there.


I’m not sure what you’re arguing about? I’m not saying that the 450 sigil prize is difficult or that people should spend money on fort. I’m saying that people do spend money on fort, a lot of it.


Excuse me people, this was supposed to be a positive thread. GET OUT. :rofl:


Funny - isnt that why they release new towers/levels.

Believe what you will :tipping_hand_woman:t2:‍♀


They may still be smart but doing stupid things :man_shrugging:. Key point is only use speedups qhen it get you event points otherwise your wasting the speedups for nothing.


I’m not gonna argue peoples spending habits with you. Spenders will spend whatever and whenever they want. But the facts are that new tower levels dont affect 90% of the players, and it’s much easier to do well in fort without spending than it is for pvp, especially pits.

If you think those 2 statements are untrue, then present some facts to refute them. Otherwise, I dont see a need to continue to discuss it.


Not really trying to be snarky but is it really more of a money event than a PVP with mega coin madness? I think some people think (and can afford, or have stolen CC) all events are money events.


I never disagreed with any of those things :yum: