Thanks for listening


No dilemma for you - you’re done for the season, sit this fort out and save for the first fort of next season. That’s what I’m doing.


They’re all money events anymore -

What’s your point?


Never spent a cent during fort and feed and breed :upside_down_face: not a spender, rather grinder so speedups and tokens overflow when time comes for those events so no need to use money :slight_smile:
While any pvp is about supers and mega so yeah it take much more investment.

Aaaaanyways that’s not the topic


I disagree that fort, feed and breed are money events. I have made it to the legendary glyph prize or further in all of those events this season, without spending a dime. Planning and grinding can get you a long ways with those events. Just because SOME people open their wallets to build the newest towers or max out to 75s doesnt mean it’s a money event.

Regardless, spending habits isnt what this thread was supposed to be about :man_shrugging:


Um, your point appeared to be the reason they changed from fight pits to fort was about money…

so… that’s my point, your point seems spurious.




Yeah I kinda noticed the same, seems PG only views this forum as a place for players to learn from players and a handful of staff so they have less work to do. At least that’s what I see.


use your credit card instead :eyes: PG will appreciate you :eyes:


Again, I don’t think it necessarily does, they may have a plan of their own, different from yours. Of course there are people who use their stuff without checking events and whatever and yes, some are not the smartest, but I don’t think you can say that just the fact they used timers after PvP had been announced makes them not smart.

Yes, this could be true, assuming that fort would have been next (which everyone did), but remember that next week a new season starts, so this specific case is different from the usual case. Maybe they were ready to open an insane amount of gold chests the first week of the season whatever the event and they would have got those timers back :woman_shrugging:

Anyway the point was never people using timers outside of events. The point was announcing something officially, people acting based on that announcement and then taking that announcement back and announce something different because there had been about 100 posts complaining about it (and probably many were sent by the same people replying to the same thread) (and we can also speculate that this was never the reason, that it was planned ahead or whatever we all want)…
It is extremely unprofessional from their part. People had taken actions based on that announcement (for example, I didn’t use any timers, but I had a building finish upgrading yesterday morning. I waited for the announcement and decided what to start next based on how much time I had before fort. Had I known I had about 2 days instead of 9 I would have chosen to upgrade a different building. So in my case, I didn’t waste any timer by choice. They did make me waste timers though, which I will now have to use to speed up these extra 7 days. Yes, it’s not a lot, but still not on me). They should have kept things as they were. It gives a very bad image of the company. Not even able to stick with a decision for 5 hours.

5 hours? Really? You think that’s enough time? What about the people the other side of the world, those that were sleeping, for example… Or those that were working and couldn’t check. Or anyone that for any reason wasn’t able to get on the forums in that so very narrow timeframe?
And yet, on longer timeframes they clearly do not listen to players’ feedback… This is a joke

Edit: also shows no respect to the CF at all


It’s only relevant to people who saw the original announcement. If they were sleeping during that time, there’s no issue. Literally every prediction I saw was Fortification after they Officially announced the return of the 4 week cadence. It was a reasonable assumption to make on their own words.


Indeed it does… if your referring to the person who used a bazillion timers on earth flak… regardless fort would a been this week or next… senseless waste I say.

Pg stated " reversing the cadence back to original cadence… is this not it?

Agreed… your point?? Not the first time it has happened… had they not seen error in their decision the voices of the players would not have swayed them… they knew they messed up the cadence…again. so they fixed it.

:eyes:… I lost 2 brain cells reading that statement…

Upgrading outside of event is your personal decision…you can have 2 upgrades going at once with elite… try that… if u dont have elite… was still your choice to start upgrades outside event…


Also for the record, and I might be wrong. But I’ve never seen PG officially state that the CF’s Monday announcement is final, outside of the CF stating that. Considering I left the CF for how epically unreliable their information was, there’s a big possibility my opinion of their announcements is tainted. Though that’s no fault of any member of the current CF, staff included.


Finally (and I apologise for the spamming way I’m commenting, beer does that). PG has access to every comment and every mail in game. There is a possibility they have the ability to see people’s responses to the announcement, albeit it through team chats, league chats or even private group chats.


Thanks to all those that complained about event. Why build again. No wonder so many people leave game. Higher levels get there way


Facepalm… smh… yep… it was the higher levels for sure…


Yep everyone’s leaving because of the devastating lumber shortage… yep that’s it… nothing at all to do with the 9,456,799 other things going on… nope…


Glad you see that too


Because PG said they were going back to a normal 4 week cadence…and it’s been 4 weeks since the last fort.

I’m not a higher level, and I wanted fort. Being high level has nothing to do with it.

I’m pretty sure the increased costs, unfairness with packs, 300 wall, and the thousand other things are to blame, not this


I feel like we both said the exact same things in like the last 50 posts… smh…

Should we make a flier with all the answers on it and just repeat the post with every question :joy:


Some could have seen the announcement and have gone to sleep or work or whatever afterwards but not before taking measures based on that announcement. I’m sure you’re aware there are different time zones in the world and they are not divided into 5 hours chunks so that no one could have possibly seen the original announcement and then have been unable to state their opinion. Also, if people have nothing to complain about, why would they go somewhere to say what they think? So from now on every week we should come to the forums and say “yes thank you PG this is the event I wanted/expected” or “Oh no PG, I wanted this other event!” so that a balance can be achieved?

I may be weird but I predicted a PvP. And I saw another comment somewhere of at least another person expecting PvP and I’m sure there was someone else. Just because you didn’t talk to any of us it doesn’t mean that everyone expected fortification. Anyway predictions mean nothing.

I was not referring to anyone in particular, I do not know this person and anyway I’m sure there are other less extreme cases. This still goes under the assumption that there is only one smart way of playing and that it is yours. You (and I) have no idea what are the goals of other players so I don’t think we can judge what they do with their stuff or their money as smart or not.

Feeding was never an event after which you could be 99% sure of what was going to come next, so it wouldn’t have deviated from the original cadence.

My point is that it was very unprofessional. If they were so insecure about the event choice that they agreed to change it after so little time and feedback, then they shouldn’t have announced Fight pits in the first place. My point is they screwed up and damaged some players and they seem like they don’t know what they are doing and where they are going.
This kind of behaviour does not give any feeling of certainty of anything to the player base. Like complete anarchy and chaos in the management of this game.

I’m sorry, english is not my first language, sometimes I am not the best at expressing myself.

Almost everyone upgrades outside event, especially infrastructure or stuff that is very timer consuming but little point awarding. It is a waste of timers not to let some upgrades run in between events because you would have to use those timers during the event.
And still I see this assumption that your way is the only correct and acceptable way. I do not have elite, I refuse to give them money as of now, so only one upgrade at a time for me.


Could be. But how realistic is this picture?

Okay, but they didn’t say “The CF lied” or “Ooops we are sorry, we gave the CF members the wrong info”. They admitted the event was to be Fight pits and was then changed, so this is not really relevant.


As far as I know CF posting only info,which they getting from PG
And which is approved by PG
They are not posting anything,based on inside gossips or whatever