Thanks for listening


Anyway,issues here not event by itself but 2 things

  1. Changing event after official post
  2. Saying,that it was based on feedback.

I honestly don’t care with event will be next
Mini get damaged,because I grew up home island infra,which supposed to make Fort more effective.
Some ppl used speedups for incubator and castle upgrades,since they supposed to get them back during PVP.etc etc
I use to put my low lvl mages on upgrade all the time
It takes a week + and won’t affect my base,at the same time will give some extra XP
There is a lot of reasons to do it actually…


It’s the same issue that plagues them on bugs. Lack of commitment to quality. From their CEO to their janitor, THAT is not a a priority and it comes shining through every day.

Software quality assurance is not new, but it does take resources and institutional discipline.

Good customer service is not new either. It also takes forethought and institutional discipline.


This has already been discussed in the other thread and it was shown that a minor followed feeding only in 67% of cases. It is the majority of cases but not enough to be certain about what w coming next. 33% error isn’t acceptable so you can’t use that to say “it was supposed to be a minor”.
But as Dari said, the point is not the event but the behavior of pg in this instance.

Anyway i think my point is clear, those who want to understand will, no point wasting time for those who don’t want to :woman_shrugging:t2:


So you guys complain when PG doesn’t listen to player feedback on wanting some events to be changed, and then you complain again when they do actually listen and give what players wanted. :man_shrugging:


You should re read whole thing,lol


I did and all I see are, how can PG announce an event then change it back, while it was most of the player base that actually wanted the change in the first place. Different people will always want different things, and for all I see, PG for once decided to listen to what most of the player base wanted and yet here is another 50 threads hating on them for doing that. It just doesn’t make sense that there are so many complains thrown at them despite anything that they do :man_shrugging: .


You have a problem here
Most it’s those few hundreds who commented
I’m seeing lots of ppl in few LC raging
So saying “most” isn’t quite correct in this situation
We can talk about most or least when we will see numbers from whole game poll(which we haven’t)
It’s same situation as new GP scaling
Lots of ppl here are raging
Lots of ppl who aren’t on forum are extremely happy
So it’s absolutely unacceptable to judge by feedback only on forum
I’m not sure which words should be used to explain this more understandable :see_no_evil:

Which won’t happen,if they will let everyone know that they must participate
Most feedbacks on forum are from raging ppl who can’t be constructive most of the time
I’m not sure that they actually calculated numbers of feedbacks from each person in thread
Even if they did,it’s nothing,compared to % of playerbase which haven’t been involved
So if someone wants to make statement,that something was based on feedback,they better bother to
A) make in game poll
B) at least send in game mail with link and make poll on forum
Otherwise,I’m seeing it as absolutely wrong feedback,which ruins relationships between playerbase and PG all the time
I have faith that they really want to make ppl happy
But it’s difficult,when they don’t have all possible info and more informative statistics.


I don’t even think its about the event that players worried about. It’s end of season and most people have little to no care what event it will be, but what mattered most was that it hasn’t even been a few weeks since PG announced that they would go back to the Old 4 weeks cadence for minors and they were already messing around with it not even 2 weeks later.
This makes them unpredictable and cause the same problems that were mentioned in 2000+ comments on the cadence change topic related to not being able to do proper planning.

Players pointed this out on forums and possibly on other media, constructive or other wise and surprisingly enough PG listened and decided to change back to Fort so it could actually follow the 4 weeks minor rotations.

Despite this, players complaining that this event should have been PVP are the very same people that had problems with cadence change in the first place and complained to have it back the old way over and over again, and here they are yet again complaining no it shouldn’t be.


Maybe you should decide which one of the two it is…

Idk. I never opened the cadence thread tbh… So at least I don’t fit in this category


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