Thanks PG, Atlas riders locked off from casual players

So imagine my consternation when I looked at the new season prizes and discovered that if I wanted more blue Rider shards, I have to complete not one but TWO gear lines?!

I have been fairly fortunate so far in my gear crafting, and all my current riders have epic and legendary pieces. Which is why last season I started working on the Atlas Rider.

I would classify myself as a casual player, I buy the elite for the main game but not Atlas elite. With support from my team, last season managed to get to the 100 blue shards prize and was 4 prizes away from the 150 shard prize when Atlas went down for maintenance with a day left in the season.

Now I apparently will be unable to get any more blue shards because there is no way I will be able to get past 4 pages of gear that I frankly don’t want or need.

Could I at least hear the flimsy excuse for this change?

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