Thanks PG for pandemic gift. Any chance of temporary atlas limits?

Thanks for the gift and message for our player base to stay safe, we hope you all can stay safe and well too.

My thoughts go to all those involved in healthcare and pandemic services - formal and informal - I have a few health care workers in my team, and they are already feeling the pressure.

One of my colleagues suggested - given the expectation of limited game time for many players involved in health care, person and pandemic services that:

  1. Atlas shielding times be doubled - more time before cooldown fights
  2. Atlas cooldown times be halved - less time in cooldown

Yes these will not help PG’s aim of increasing castle turnover, but castles lost while players are on the front line in real life would suck.

Given the impending start to the atlas season and the fact that some players with more time and less work may go nuts for glory at the same time as others have less time… is this something that can be considered?


Thank you for the gift PG! :kissing_heart:


Totally support this. :clap: hope PG consider this. :pray: