Thanksgiving gift?

Just kinda curious if PG meant this Thanksgiving or??? It’s been 4 hours since this was posted and nothing.

I still don’t have the good packs in the store. I was going to buy iTunes cards but PG helped me come to my senses about that too. Thanks for nothing.

1000 tokens , 5*26k food pack , 2x food boost


I got nothing yet

Is it 99 cents lol cause that’s all that’s worth and that’s being charitable lol


So that is the thanksgiving gift :joy: :man_facepalming:t2:. That should be a daily gift. Not for an special day like thanksgiving. Shame on PG.


Guys, they didnt have to give us anything. it’s not like this was for compensation where you can legitimately say that it was inadequate. Was it mind blowing? Of course not, not even close but it was still something for free.

Just say Happy Thanksgiving and move on (yes Im aware that’s not how the internet works and people will whine about being given only 1 cookie instead of 2)


I like that you included food boosts, that was a nice touch for the event for players who didn’t have any and were on the fence on whether to get some for 1000 rubies from the forge :slight_smile:


What if I don’t want cookies?

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Oh right I forgot that this game is special. Now I’m curious why the other games where so generous with their players for Thanksgiving.

This probably is the game that give less free stuff to their players. Is good to see that players encourage them to keep not giving anything.

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Thank you for the gift :kissing_heart:

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I was happy to get it. This is the only game I play where the “gift” wasn’t a reduced price pack. Not saying that wouldn’t be nice, but it’s a nice change from offering something only a few players get…

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wait for all the cookies to be gone and offer to sell your cookie to one of the people complaining they wanted 2?

As it was said in the past, it’s not a gift if you demand it. As soon as you start demanding free stuff you become the one in the wrong. You can hope for something, you can be disappointed or not be impressed but dont become entitled.

Again, no it wasnt mind blowing in the slightest. Yes PG is usually very stingy with giving stuff out as if it actually cost them anything but that doesnt mean they have to give us anything when it comes to a holiday gift. People really need to get over this “if someone else isnt screaming about it then they must be in support of it” mentality. That’s the same kind of logic that PG uses when looking for support of something like The new UI or Mega Coins.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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This is the kind of thing that incentivises PG to devalue gifts and compensations, and strips the players of credibility when things are worthy of compensation.

With all the issues with War Dragons both technical and cultural you wanna stake your flag of contention on a holiday gift? Really?

Here, take 20k rubies, 100k egg tokens, some mystic frags, food packs, and a shitload of timers. What good are the things? You’re still gonna be bitching in a month when the real issues haven’t been addressed.

Greed an entitlement. Way to embody the spirit of the day. Great look.


Lol i was not talking about other issues which are a lot. I was talking about this one in particular. But I could talk about more :joy:.

A little preachy, but I agree. It’s disappointing to see people complain about them doing something nice for us.


I could take this :laughing: and I’m pretty sure everyone will too.

Calculated with real value

The gift ‘1000’ eggs equals to 0.01 piece of jul after discount
or 1/4000 to just get to destar, which is replaced by many generations of warriors already

‘26000*5’ is 130 event points, is round up to be 1/10000 to get to 450 sigil reward

2x food boost …I need to use up 30 of mine to use that two…

in another way
100 of this gift to just get one garnet dragon.
4000 of this gift to get to an old warrior in harbinger
10000 of this gift to get to a decent point in feeding event

Thanks for the holiday, happy thanksgiving, have good time, ignore the gift, it is virtually Nothing.

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Yep that is what I received as well. Thanks PG that was a nice little suprize (this was not sarcastic … it was a sincere thanks).

Thanks again.


True it doesn’t add to much but it is still 1000 more eggs than I had 10 seconds ago.