That missing candy cane…

Am I missing something? I didnt claim only one cane, that was available only for 4 hours. There was suppose to be one additional, but nothing new showed up here. I know Im not the only one who have this problem. So I should be able to collect 14, canes in total + one missing, right?

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Yeah, I never had the opportunity to re-open it either but you get the ugly portrait with 10/14, and the individual prizes weren’t anything to write home about, so I just kinda gave up on it.

There were 13 canes initially.


That’s the prize they added. Originally there were 13 prizes and the day 13 gold chest was the last


Ok, its clear now, thanks :wink: Please close the topic.

This candy cane redemption ended up being a bit weird. Usually, if you claim a prize too quickly/too often (something something) and things go haywire, the game forces a desync shortly afterwards.

My observation:

With this branch, oddly enough the game does not force a desync at any point in time after the initial attempt to claim a prize. The game has a drawn out length of time after which the red dot indicating that you have unclaimed prizes appear…you can exit out of the your game session and not realize that the game didn’t register your claim. It is only upon the 2nd claim attempt (if you noticed it at all), that the game forces a desync.

This happened to me and others multiple times, across multiple devices. Super annoying as I lost out on a gold chest that I knew I claimed. Sent a ticket to support - got back the usual answer of “didn’t see anything sorry tough luck”.

TLDR: PG makes EVERYTHING difficult, even their glitches aren’t consistent.

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I collected all of the candy canes, but I have no idea what I am supposed to do with them. Sounds like you were supposed to get a poster, but I have no idea how to redeem them. Could someone please let me know?

If you collected 10, then you got a portrait automatically added to your account of the blind beefy guy.


I collected all, i got only that portrait. Is there any other stuff we get?

No! Ummm this is pg were talking about :rofl::man_shrugging: So nope!……lol
This is a old feature that has been around forever with zero update so I’m surprised it only had the light glitching and it actually didn’t crash completely! Lol

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Unfortunately no. They put basically no effort into this holiday line at all which is really sad since they did nothing at all this year for Halloween and people usually really enjoy these holiday lines.

Plus even the 12 days prizes are just recycled stuff from last year. PG never fails to disappoint with their lack of effort for f*cks to give

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Fluctuating focus is what I see ….
This reminds of the contractor that has bitten off more than he can chew and has to many projects going at the same time and to many “trades” or in this case “pods” working on different things to focus and actually complete things effectively ,efficiently or with skill :man_shrugging:

The saying is “ To many irons in the fire “
Or was it “ To many chiefs not enough Indians “ :thinking:

The forum used to have a brave that would come in here and battle with us lol

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