That one person that’s always on

Doesn’t everyone have that one person in their team that is on all day and night, like whenever you get on no matter what time they are also on? Lol.


myself…without fail…always on when im on


Lol true


There is me, lol, got no sleep, and…just me actually

Big Brother, always watching and waiting :eyes:


Don’t talk about me like that!!!
Until resent since PG is trash and pushes loyal players away


Yes,and that’s me unfortunately

That’d be me, but I’ve definitely been multi tasking off game more and more even tho I’m “on”

Sci is always on :eyes: except when she isn’t

Same goes for me tbh :joy:

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ha ha, it may look like i am on all the time, but really i just leave my device open and on all the time. but i am actually not on a large portion of that

My last team seemed to think that I never slept.

I woke up one night after only a few hours of sleep and decided to freak them out, so I opened WD and joined an attack. I then closed it and went back to sleep. The chorus of “WTF” was worth it :joy:


Usually me… because I don’t have a life and I’m proud :hugs::joy: or because I believe pg uses virtual cocaine and keeps me addicted so I can’t force myself to stay off game for long periods of time…

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Haha. Does feel like that sometimes. Some players are definitely committed.

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Yes, and for some odd reason I have a strong love for this damn game. Only downside is that this game has so much potential obviously but may be in the hands of the wrong company… but some reason I still love it .


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