That squid that jumps out of the water


Who else thinks it should be a water dodo instead? But besides from that I love it.


Sad to say I don’t see it cuz I have water turned off. Due to my multiple issues running this game.


Why all the squid hate? They’re tastyyyy


I LOVE the squid!!! I’m going to be sad when it goes away :frowning:


Other suggestions, a penguin, a stingray, or a gold fish. Any others?


Water dodo…

Lol misread that for a sec…
Was gonna say it already looked like one…



shark with head-mounted laser beam




If it was Aquaman I’d tap the water much more.


The squid is ugly. I want my whale back. :tipping_hand_woman:t2:‍♀


Dolphin. Or just bring our whale back haha


If it was a dodo anything then I wouldn’t be able to see it just like the supposed dodos by the meeting hall I cant see… The squid can stay. :grin::grin:


It’s winter, so my vote is on Santa in a swimsuit. :wink:


Make it a Nessie :smile:


If we are throwing ideas around, how about an oversized unwrapped ohenry chocolate bar just floating around, jaws music playing in the background


I think it would be really cool if SIGURD jumped out of the water.


Or maybe Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider paddling to shore.


And then every now and again Whalegnawer can swoop down and live up to his name


omg that would be amazing xD


Or Nicky Cage, the greatest actor in history, leaping out of the water like a dolphin.niccage