The 100% egg token boost

I have unlocked the 100% egg token boost but I am wondering how it is supposed to work exactly, because I don’t seem to see any difference in my collected egg tokens I am receiving, any help would be appreciated.

It takes 24 hours from the time you claim it to ‘take effect’.

TBH it’s a little late in the season for this to be very worthwhile. Next season, I suggest getting the token boost before any dragons or riders so you have the boost in effect for as long as possible.

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I have had it unlocked the whole time just about and haven’t seen where it shows the tally for them. I already have elite account and numbers didn’t seem to change for collection. might be oversight on my part and probably is but eh still got boatloads of event points from the energy packs!

What do you mean by “tally”?

If you have the bonus the rewards for the one-hour (left-side) mission should be 40+40. If you don’t have the bonus it’s 20 + 20 (except during breeding events, then it’s 40 + 40 for everyone). The longer missions should also be doubled (to 80+80 and 160+160).

Egg tokens from other sources like event rewards, team rewards etc. aren’t doubled.

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Cool like I said prolly didn’t notice the change yea they’re showing those values!

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Ty that’s what I thought, but I have had it on since day 2 of the last event and haven’t seen any change at all that’s why I thought I would ask, thx for the help, maybe I’ll have to wait till the Reward Period is over to see any changes IDK and yes I knew I wouldn’t get extra during the event

Oh since you collected it during the breeding event you wouldn’t see a change, the token bonus doesn’t stack with the breeding weekends since breeding weekends already give double tokens.

You will just notice that NOW after the event is over your missions don’t drop back down to 20+20/etc, they will stay at 40+40 :slight_smile:

i claimed mine at the start of the season…

but since a few days he is gone… :man_shrugging:

no need to spend rubies anymore i guess…

anyone else feels the same way?

Tyvm for the response, but I have checked it out several times today and I Am Not getting Any Bonuses to my Egg Token Missions At all they are still at 40, 80, and 160, I don’t understand it, and who should I point this Issue out to?guess I’ll need to take some Screenshots of it

P.S. hate to break it to you but there’s 2 weeks left in the season - you would have been better off spending your sigils to get further down a line. But hopefully this all works out for ya!

Did you elite expire then if you don’t have the + figures?

I figured every little bit would help but I guess I was wrong and yes I still have Elite Status

Reinstall the game that’s how it worked for me. But ur definitely late for it being valuable

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