The 100X and the 200x XP boost

There are connection errors while running a dragon with these boosts. The first person goes, swaps out, second person finishes the base, the first person sees the base uncompleted, and dragon left hovering in the air. The XP boost is lost.

The same problem is happening to me.

I have had this problem for a while now. Reported it…got the typical answer…after second report, they told me they knew about it…still didn’t solve it though.
Now I found out, when I use xpboost I just don’t finish the last home isle. Only take out 99% and the problem doesn’t occur

I’ve had this today without using an XP boost.

Yes it happens without those too, but only when I run xp bases …and that’s od I think…
If I see on the starter account that some towers have a little left, even though I as backer kill every tower, i still leave last home isle alone and get my multipliers on starter dragon

I find that if I (as the backup) leave the base only, it forces the app to contact the server for the “swap” and have the leader just quit.

This started two updates ago for me.

Works every time here.


This problem is still happening. I have heard nothing pg. this is making leveling up my dragon difficult! PG we need some help!

Did you try what I said right above this post?

Works for me and bet it will work for you as well.

I did try what you said. I am glad to say it did work. I am thankful.

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Shouldn’t need to use work arounds but sometimes it’s quicker than expecting a fix.

Fly high and burn em all

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