The 24 Hours Treasure Hunting Just Before The Main Event Starts, Slows The Game Play Down To Much

Hi Guy’s, The 24 Hours Treasure Hunting Just Before The Main Event Starts, Slows The Game Play Down To Much. It’s Like I’m Only Getting On To Do The Daily Quest. I Think If The Treasure Hurting For Chest Was Made Into A Smaller Event Before Whatever Main Event Happens, With Prizes and All. That Would Stop Such DEAD :skull: Time In The Game.

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Yeah, I’m with ya. But, lemme be clear:

  1. I would not want another day of PVP; they last too long as it is (IMO).

  2. Would need something actually FUN for 24hours.
    -Or, make PvP start on Wednesday, go through Sunday night. Then do a mini event-- Monday and Tuesday.


Or just turn up chest drop density and make our time more valuable and we will actually utilize it :man_shrugging:

Yes so it would produce participation and activity and I have seen it happen and yes the team took advantage of the improved density!
:scream: and it was the first time I have ever seen players enjoying the hunt phase and it did not require a monetized mini event to do it !
They can screw up the hunt phase later just improve chest drop density and call it good!


If that’s what others would enjoy or find rewarding then cool. But, flying around just to find get more chests is boring to me. I want to be engaged. I want a point to all the flying around so it doesn’t feel like work, personally.

I hit bases for pvp.
I hit bases for atlas.

So, just hitting bases for chests is meh. There’s nothing new or innovative about it; it perpetuates the monotony and doesn’t offer any creative ingenuity.
I feel like the only way I’d hit solely for increased droppage (lol) would be if they yielded plats or draconics or golds or something truly valuable.

OR: what would be really neat (IMOPO)-- I’d put in work if they revamped silver chests to actually have different types of ACTUALLY HELPFUL runes and glyphs in them. Then, make the treasure phase like a silver chest mining event.

Something that requires us to put in work, but that we actually have a desirable and positive yield for our bases. (Being that one can only use so many of the same runes/glyphs from event prizes).


Then make it fun and challenge yourself as you do it. Or don’t do it, no loss on your part. Just stop crapping on a good idea, unless you see a negative side to it? In which case share!

Didn’t think so.

I already do challenge myself to fly at every other portion of the game.

So, again, repetitive actions aren’t fun.

I’d love to see results of a poll–how many people enjoy the concept of a treasure hunt the way it is now; because, I don’t know many people that actually have fun with it currently. You seem to be the only one. You also seem to be the only one whose opinion matters on anything. Excuse me! :roll_eyes:


Okay let me ask you the same question in a different way: what possible down side would there be to increasing drop rate during treasure hunt?

If you don’t have one other than “because I don’t want to do it” then I think we are done here. If you have a different reason for being against it or see a down side I’m honestly curious.

How do you make it fun?

Do we need to PM our opponents to see if they can 3D before each attack? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure… try to farm someone until they defend… kill best bases… hit your friends… or just farm gold… doesn’t really matter…

Question is, is there a down side to doing it? They could make the drop rate 20x what it is now and it won’t amount to many rewards.

But make it worth a persons while, especially new players and minimal spenders then it will be a bonus to the game to keep them engaged.


Atlas bases don’t give good chest drops though due to their low DP. You need to hit very specific DP bases based on your three starters with a formula more secret than KFCs secret herbs and spices.

Extra chests are good but they could also dress it up a bit more than that. A fun mini game etc.


Other than the gold Farming you don’t need to make them Atlas attacks… and I meant invader in that case… keep pushing auto for all I care while you watch Hamilton for the 19th time…. Maybe that’s just me…

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I’m agreeing that in the very least it should be increased in order to call it a “treasure hunt.” Receiving the same stuff I get when running invaders, atlas, or during PvP, doesn’t equate to “treasure,” if I can get it any time really. If they’re going to call it a “treasure” hunt-- make it worth our while.

But, my point specifically, is why solely increase the drop rate when you can actually add an additional layer of intrigue/fun/exclusive benefit as well while working toward these extras?

If PG just increased the drop rate (but it still wasn’t really enough to be appealing), I’d still just not do anything. Every Wednesday, I consider another “day off,” as there is no point in hitting bases aimlessly (unless you have a new dragon you’re learning). If others love flying around for 24 hours to earn chests and they see that as fun-- so be it. (I’d highly question their definition of “fun,” but, to each their own.)

If PG was actually open to making treasure hunt more interesting or giving it more of an objective, then it could engage people.


This ++


I have suggested using hunt phase as testing ground for permanent changes to drop👍

Along side a suggestion for a very diverse and interesting chest sequence for silver and or improved density for bronze and silver and gold using density brackets by player level and other such suggestions to try during hunt phase to see what produces participation and activity!
And what will make hunt phase fun without actually making a event based on it……

But a event called the Great hunt where teams look for dracs would be cool as well and which ever team finds the most and not buys them wins a small prize and of course we get the chests too :+1:
Ahhh but at this point I’d just like to show pg that by improving density during even the hunt phase they can improve activity and participation without negatively impacting spending!

By using density you can gently tune drop unlike drop % which is volatile and even a small adjustment to our chance for drop per monument has a drastic impact and that’s why pg doesn’t adjust drop often because using % is not precise enough!

Density can be used to fine tune drop and improve player retention without the issues that arise from adjustments to our %


Hey Guy’s, I like the Testing Ground Idea and Maybe something that’s a Mix of The Temple Guard and The Crystal Cave Ending Thing Like The Temple Guard Hybrid Mini Event​:interrobang::grey_question:With Prizewinning Ranging from Platinum, Gold and Dragons Chest :interrobang::question:

I guess for me personally even at 2x drops the treasure hunt phase is still the worst way to earn chests.

Treasure Hunt (normal) = 42 chests per hour
Treasure Hunt (2x) = 84 chests per hour.

Vs the actual event

Megas = 628 per hour
Supers = 128 per hour

Even at 2x drops it’s still better to just put effort into the actual event.

It needs to be 4x drops if treasure hunt is truly the place where you get treasure.


42 = 1.4 drops per run x 30 runs.
For Megas and Super I’m assuming 33% slower runs due to defenders and bigger bases.

Kinda creepy that 42 is also the meaning of life.


Well when your level 60 double chests mean something…. So while you and I are not so impressed danger ….
I have not been asking for hunt phase adjustments to support or supply any real quantity of resources up here! Lol
Ahhhh but down there just seeing that double density of drop boosts moral and allows newer players to preform half way decently in the coming pvp!
And because they have not had a whole season to prep for resources to manage this mandatory event cycle double drop density at least allows then to utilize activity to compete with spending and the event cycle and make the climb up feel like it’s not impossible!

So yeah I’d love to see something added to hunt phase for us up here but I’m currently more concerned with the future dragon lords of this game because we need them to stay and play!


Fully agree I just think the hunt phase needs to be meaningful 4x the drop is a good outcome for grinders.

The grinders might do 4 hours.

At 4x thats 840 chests. For one day only.

A whale does that in an hour and a half of main game.

The gap from grinder to whale will still be big but there will at least be some value on grinding.

The treasure hunt phase as is feels like a joke. It’s literally the worst way in the game to earn treasure.

I remember the days when I was like @Paskinel grinding away hitting treasure hunt bases.


The only problem with more chests is nothing is free in this game.

It would just ramp up the mythic cost by whatever.

Like draconics seem to have done you now need a mythic and a couple of exotics or at least one.

Just adds to inflation of mythic cost I would recon


Absolutely which is why I’ve always yelled about bracketing drop using density!
Yes so it can be tuned by level where those 800 something chests will help I’d really prefer to hunt for golds at more than 400/1 odds! lmao
Yes and actually not be disappointed for one day lol

And where we need more gold and silvers with a better sequence double drop density would be awesome for the smalls and brackets would make the top want to actually fly!
Yep and it would show how density can be used to actually adjust drop without as much impact to spending by utilizing bracketed drop density!
One day we might not be dependent up that mandatory event cycle to supply all our resources! :scream:
Shocking idea I know :man_shrugging:
The event cycle is and has long ago become burden of play :+1: