The Ability to Choose Who Can Interact With Your Forum Post

As indicated by the title, this is a forum-exclusive suggestion. Since not many players get on the forums, this isn’t a very important suggestion… but I’m suggesting it anyway :rofl: — so without further ado, the description…

This suggestion will basically grant you the ability to manually mute, block, or disallow a player to reply to your forum thread. You cannot do anything a moderator can do: such as edit text, remove text, etc. You can only carry out actions that keep them from replying to your thread. They can’t reply in the thread, and they can’t reply in forum emails. To take it a step further, you can also mute or block a player from sending an email to you in general if you really don’t want them to contact you via the forums (of course a simple block works for main-game emails). The whole concept of this is not to keep them from viewing your thread, but rather to keep them from replying — “revoke” their responsive abilities, so to speak. The only way they could respond to the disallowed continuation of replies is to make a separate thread, but that would be ludicrous.

  • What would this accomplish?

This would keep extra unwanted toxicity or asinine remarks out of a thread if the creator doesn’t want it in the thread, and the user persists after being flagged multiple times or warned in any way by moderators. Or … this could be an automatic thing after the player has been flagged several times. Overall, it would make the forums a much more civilized place, and it wouldn’t be as toxic of a place as people think it is (for good reason of course — the evidence is… evident). It would do so in a way that doesn’t render moderators useless. If anything, it would actually work perfectly in combination with moderator abilities. It wouldn’t necessarily make everyone a moderator though, as these aren’t moderator actions, and only the OP can fulfill these actions. There could be a system that scans for negativity to ensure that the player isn’t revoking the player’s responsive abilities out of contempt, but because there truly was an offensive remark made.

  • Would anything change?

No. Players can still flag posts, and moderators can still moderate posts… those two things wouldn’t change in the slightest way. This is just something extra for when the OP sees a heated argument going on in his or her thread, flags are being thrown back and forth, and he or she wants to do something about it as well. I’ve been in situations like that. I’m a generally positive, convivial person, and I don’t like to think negative (unless I’m having one of those days). So when I see something like that going on in my thread, I can’t help but have the thread closed if another player doesn’t already request it. This would prevent that from having to happen by simply removing the perpetrators from the scenario.

Allow me to reiterate the key thing I want to be pulled from this: the person who has been muted, blocked from responding, or disallowed continued access to replies — CAN STILL VIEW THE REPLIES — they just can’t reply themselves.

Edit: And for clarification, no, I was not “inspired” to make this thread through an argument or disagreement with anyone — I made this suggestion on my own.

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You can mute someone on the forum and you won’t see their responses on any thread.


Oh. I did not know that :sweat_smile:

So you want to control what others can do on a public forum? We have moderators for that and the option to ignore someone so you never see their posts.

No one else should have the ability to actually control what other users can do. You’d have people making duplicate topics about stuff because someone didnt like them and blocked them from posting on the other one.


I’m not a fan of this, sorry, mate. While I can appreciate that it can be grating to have to deal with people whose default setting seems to just be as argumentative or aggravating as they can for their own amusement, I value freedom of respectful expression more than trying to mute people whose thoughts I personally don’t agree with. The true value of the forums, as I see it, is the fact that all perspectives, experiences and thoughts can be thrown out there allowing for some form of unbiased evaluation of the topic.

It will be interesting to see what kind of discussion is sparked by this thread.


This hasn’t work well at all with other platforms
Looks at Twitter, it’s a mess
So no not allow people to say isn’t the way , it’s a public forum after all
Yes i do mute someone who’s idea are horrible it’s feels cancerous to listen to but that function still allows people to see what others say not block completely


Maybe if only the mods can do it, and a person is being extremely inappropriate - and I’m talking like Prince level inappropriate.


I mean, that’s what a ban is for but eh


Censoring free speech, even if it’s stupid speech, doesn’t sit well with me. I’m sure OP would use it justly and for good reason. However, it always ends badly. Think about when the trolls open a thread and censor all the logic. It’s just a bad idea imo, sadly.


Something like this?

As a regular user, we can’t prevent others to reply, but we can ignore their posts, with (or without) the feature.
Muting them is another option as well.

Moderator can post and reply stuff like a regular user, so are you asking for forum ban? :upside_down_face:



O boy here comes the cancele culture mob. Get a grip

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@moderators never mind about the suggestion; this thread can be closed now please :slightly_smiling_face:

Closed as requested

I don’t understand why this thread is filled with so many hidden posts but oh well, it’s closed now~ :smirk:

I kid! I kid! :laughing: I don’t have that many people ignored :rofl:

Be good, I’m watching you :eyes: especially Fiery and Orca, they’re up to no good :face_with_monocle: