The ability to MUTE

League Chat Many would like this Like turning off any notification that is unwanted or a distraction

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IIRC, I remember one guy mentioning that he once muted every single person in his league chat. While that is excessive, it would functionally do what you are asking for. Otherwise there isn’t really a way to mute LC and I feel it unlikely that PG would devote the resources to creating that functionality in a more automated fashion.

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Folks have asked in the past that chat NOT display anything from LC unless the end user taps the LC tab.
That shouldn’t be too hard to revise.


I wish I wasn’t forced onto LC by default at all. Even when my TC is more active than LC I go to LC when I tap the reduced chat… I’d like to know at least the logic why LC or TC suddenly become the “default chat”…

But LC is all that is still fun in this game… now if there was a mute Leader button I’ll be all for that!


Guilty as charged :smiling_imp:
If you spoke in LC, once upon a time, you got blocked/ignored :joy::rofl: accidentally blocked teammates and officers/leader once :shushing_face::see_no_evil:

LC is amusing on good days tbh. My LC this week hosted a blossoming relationship by way of a war rivalry. Kinda stockholmy, mostly sweet.

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:unamused: Well, better than leave the team, openly attack the officer, and reapply to the same team :joy:

is this not a thing you should do? asking for a friend :eyes:

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