The addition of wings ≠ dragon

This is a disgusting maggot with wings. :nauseated_face: This is NOT a dragon.

I realize this is not news to many of you, but I just couldn’t keep quiet any longer. Every time I fly him I want to vomit. As soon as he is expert I’m kicking him off my roster so I don’t have to see that disgusting face ever again.

And for Pete’s sake, seriously? I can create a new thread but can’t reply to anything. :smirk:

Here’s my reply to forScience since I can’t actually reply…

I feel the need to expert them all. Yeah, I’m probably weird that way. Haha!


I used to use Jura and this to troll teammates; you also don’t need to expert it :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t entirely mind that it’s something different from the usual.


I don’t think I even expert mine. Breedable and out, hated that thing.

What? I like Merk, such an awesome dragon. Merk = Impending doom!

We need more dragons like Merk. Just imaging Merk with spells like Spawn Broodlings, Swarm Rush, etc

Merk is ok. Jura is creepy AF however.

Ewww. Merk…

I agree with Lx that Jura is one creepy looking dragon. Right up there with Spindra for me.


Haha, I actually liked both of these b/c they were SO different than the rest. I liked Jura a LOT back in that tier & before I realized that those tiers should only last about a breeding cycle or two.

I’ve been looking forward to another insect-themed dragon to come along. but as a seasonal. I think a dragonfly or praying mantis would be super sweet.

edit: forgot about Spindra! I wanted that dragon but couldn’t deviate from my decision that season. I say bring on the creepy next Hallows!



Isn’t it inverted?

Jura is cool looking dragons, while Merk is just… ew…


I support the praying mantis idea :hugs:!

These are all so lovely :heart_eyes:

Arelyna, Spindra is coming to find you

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I can finally reply again!

There are others? Worse than this maggot? Nooooo! :nauseated_face:

Elixis, an epic Maggot you can find.

Also, Merkt, the King of all maggots (though he is unobtainable)

It’s not just ugly, it’s useless. Level it to breeding, then try to wash the memory from your brain.

I got Merk and Jura to breedable ASAP and ditched them… FUGLY doesn’t fully capture the sentiment :rofl:

Your words are hurtful. Poor Merk tries her best but no amount of exercise and dieting seems to help. She’s just built that way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Merk’s other half loves her for who she is inside. You really shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

He comes back in Green Teir in the form of Elixis.

I call them the sausage dragons.


I like those dragons :dragon: ( they may not be adorable but whatever) and spinda looks cute in a weird way and bring that praying mantis dragon!

Well, one down. Merk is forever in the den. I will never see that face again. Until Elixis is seems…

I suppose someone has to love them. :joy: