The Age of Spell Riders Has Arrived - Introducing Fera

The tavern was at full tilt. Dragon Lords and commoners alike were slinging grog, arm wrestling, and telling exaggerated tales about their adventures, war experiences, and feats of daring. Dragons hooted playfully above the squat building as they wheeled and tumbled through the warm night air. All of a sudden, silence. Then surprised snarls from the beasts outside. Even from indoors, you could hear the gasps of the stablemen.

Inside Dragon Riders and Dragon Lords stood tall and still hands on their hilts. A hurried jingle jangle came towards the tavern door and suddenly it burst open. Swords were unsheathed, crossbows drawn and pointed at the small man.

“Don’t! Don’t! You have to see this!” he cried, beckoning with a shaking hand.

The patrons filed out into the courtyard to see Fera atop a battered Steelwing. There clearly had been a skirmish and the dragon was giving off serious “you should see the other guy” vibes. But the strangest thing was the Dragon Rider… a tattooed woman dressed in garbs from the Northern Plains, the Strange Lands. She uttered a soft sequence of words and her dragon’s wounds… Steelwing’s skin, if you can call galvanized metal plates skin, started to mend itself back together.

The Age of the Spell Rider had arrived.

Dragon Lords, you’ve heard the hype and now she is here. Fera, War Dragons’ first Spell Rider is available. The design intent behind spell riders is that we wanted players to become more attached to their Riders. Different Riders will have different spells going forward and we wanted each of them to be right for different situations. Instead of referring to them as Defensive and Offensive riders, and using the best numbers – now you can be more strategic with your Riders, they are more of a deliberate decision rather than using the ones with the highest stats.

We hope these new Riders will help make Dragons gameplay more unique, customized, and fun. With that in mind, let’s learn more about Fera and the Spell Rider branch.

The Spell Rider Branch

Fera’s Spell Rider branch will be fairly normal with regards to cost, coming in at 37k Sigils.

The branch will have 6 season keys and 2 Ascension Tokens.

Other prizes include Fera’s tiered portraits (they are amazing, yes) and 600 Fera shards which can take Fera to level 60. Let’s take a look at Fera’s skill chart (provided to us by the CF’s MiinaNiina):


Mend - Blue | 1 Rage

Heals 23% of Bonded Dragon HP over 4 seconds, 3 second cooldown (the cooldown starts after duration ends)

CD is 6s at Rider Level 1, and 3s at Rider Level 60

As a reminder: The restricted spell combo logic is the same when equipping either a rider spell or a spell consumable. You will see a warning message in the bonding screen saying the rider’s spell conflicts with the dragon if there is in fact a conflict (like with a dragon who has Rejuvenate). You have the option to bond the rider anyway if you want. The dragon will receive all of the rider’s buffs in that case but not the rider’s spell.


*note Hunter Ammo increases by 1, not 1.00%


Add an unlike option.

So… for example-- Scorpa has bloodfury-- you’re saying the Mend won’t work? Or, may you elaborate a bit more as to your semi-cryptic warning? Lol

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This is confusing. From this statement, it seems like you can choose an offensive or defensive path for the rider. I don’t see that path. I only see options to strengthen the dragon and no path to strengthen the base.


What it means is that we hope that these new features allow you to be more attached to an individual rider rather than just idea of a rider, this sentence is more of an emotional/stylistic flourish rather than a technical one.

For example, you see tons of people on the streets and they’re just people, but if one of them is your friends you know their name and you have more in-depth feelings about them.


This is going to require further detail please. Because the way it was previously described is that it worked off the same rules as consumable spells. So since Mend seems to be a Rejuvenate varient it seemed like any dragon that could equip consumable rejuvenate would be able to use Mend.

But this description instead makes it sound like you’re saying any dragon with a healing spell at all wont get Mend. This is a massive difference so please clarify

For example Nockmar has Endless Nightare which has a build in healing. Nockmar can equip consumable rejuvenate. Is Nockmar going to be able to cast Mend or not?


Thank you for the response. I was just saying that offensive riders and defensive riders are very different creatures technically. It’s not an emotional thing. Each type has a specific purpose and the wording made it seem like we can choose what type of rider we wanted depending on the path. For example, choose 10% dragon HP or 10% tower HP etc.

I think you might have meant defensive/offensive in terms of choosing HP over attack maybe?

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One very minor and non-gameplay related comment - Fera looked wicked awesome, but the “Mend” spell doesn’t really jive with her artwork. She’s a dead-eye marksman, has wicked tats, wields a badass harpoon gun so… let’s give her a heal spell!


Does anyone have an idea of how Fera’s line stacks up? Is there plenty of chests/timers/shards to make it valuable alongside Fera

Seems to be the same as all the other past rider lines as of late (not including the champion rider line). So with boost like 183 gold chests

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I have test it work on anything dragon that is not having a spell of the rejuvenate variation


With consumption spells, if a consumption spell is similar to what the dragon already has, you won’t find it or type variants in the list of spells when you look at the list of usable spells.

An example would be you can’t equip a Death Gaze on Ikaros because he already has a Death Gaze “type” spell.

Another would be, you can’t equip Chain Lightning to Kinnarix because it already having a Lightning “type” spell.

Thank you for pretty much explaining to me what I already wrote :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :expressionless:


You’re saying this was a typo?

No, Im not. I asked PGGalileo for clarification on his description that I quoted. Please read the entire comment next time


I asked essentially the same thing you did only 12 mins before you, but you don’t see me getting on you, do you? He was just trying to help. Cool down. Geez. We’re all waiting for answers.


I was explaining how consumption spells have always worked. Since PGGalileo stated it’d work the same way, why are you getting upset that I happen to be the one explaining it?

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Because that’s not want I asked. I literally already mentioned how consumable spells worked in my original post but for some reason that wasn’t clear enough for you.

I :clap:t2: asked :clap:t2:Gal :clap:t2: for :clap:t2: clarification :clap:t2: on :clap:t2: what :clap:t2: I :clap:t2: quoted :clap:t2:

He made it sound like Mend doesn’t work if your dragon has a healing spell at all which is different than how they previously described spell riders working. That’s what I would like to know about before claiming the rider.


Sürücü güzel ama güç etkileri yeterli değil

Maybe I wasn’t clear and I apologize for that. :pray:

I’m of the belief assumption that the Mend Wont work if a dragon already has its own healing spell. That’s what I was “trying” to point out with my examples. I was not trying to be rude or hurtful with my comment, only to help provide some clarity until we receive further info.