The age old argument


I dunno what pineapple pizza you have been eating😐


I’m just saddened that Hawaiian pizza was started by a Canadian… shame on Canada.


I pride myself in that fact :smile: go Canada​:canada::canada::canada::canada::canada:


I thought Canadians were nice ppl lol but they created such a monster


We were nice enough to create the pizza, we will defend it at all costs, BRING IN THE MOOSE ARMIES, let the streets be covered in maple syrup, LONG LIVE THE PINEAPPLE PIZZA


I had someone in my class ask “Where’s Canadia? You know the state with all the maple syrup?”

I am in college. This girl was 21.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:Im dead!


What if pineapple is about the mood…


Yeah it was bad. Another didn’t know where Brazil was, thought it was an island in Europe…

How do these people FUNCTION IN LIFE



Oh my God! Let pizza be pizza! :see_no_evil:


No pineapple on pizza… no raisin on pasta… hahahahahahahahaah


Now I want to try raisin pasta😂


Nope, not quite that one. Idk right now, I need a nap :sweat_smile:


Ok, I’m Italian and this truly is something people argue about.

Probably every Italian shivers just thinking about the combination pizza+pineapple, and I used to as well. But then I tasted it… and it tastes good.

So, yea, pineapple on pizza is fine imo, but then in the end everyone eats what they like :woman_shrugging:


I’m going to save my vote for the tiebreaker…:rofl:


Seriously more people like pineapple on pizza…eww

Look 53% are against pineapples on pizza. Look at #6 lol

If you want a fruit to eat you from the inside…go ahead put pineapples on your pizza.


Hmm. Idk if that’s a good thing or not :rofl:


I like living on the edge like that!


Straight up savage :rofl: