The age old argument


Lol we are letting a grumpy big bird choose…



You done messed up A-A Ron


My answer doesn’t fit. I have no problem with it. I’m not a fan but I’m also not offended like many by the idea. And honestly, when hungry enough, I’ll eat it.


No way, better starve! :rofl:


Yup, I chose C too. Wait a second…


Like the cake, the pizza is a lie. :frowning:


That’s just sad.


Though I imagine we’d all be healthier if we couldn’t.


what do they call “Swedish Meatballs in Sweden”?




I work for a German company and apparently they like tuna fish on pizza. They came to visit here in the US and asked for it, the guy in the pizza shop put tuna salad “prepared tuna with mayo, celery, etc…” on the pizza. YUCK.

The intent was just tuna straight out of the can.

My view is if you like it, go for it. The missus like a dessert pizza with Nutella, marshmallow and peanut butter.



Pinnaple pizza is gross. Just flat out gross. Then again I don’t like any pizza so… :woman_shrugging:t2:


You don’t like pizza…fun fact eating pizza regularly decreases chances of getting esophageal cancer😃ok that’s a pretty lame argument to eat pizza😂


Why don’t you have a third option for “I don’t mind either way”…?


Is it possible to add that after a poll has been created?


I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to… the OP just needs to edit the post.


I just tried, it says you can’t edit after first 5 minutes, you can contact a mod tho.


Well that bites. Option C would probably be the right option for me anyway :laughing: Sometimes I like pineapple on pizza, but usually not.


I apologize for that, I should have thought that out before posting the poll,sorry🙏


lol, it’s all good :laughing: I guess the other option would be to try voting for both if it let me lol.


It’s black or white Griff - no sitting on the fence crap around here!


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:I can understand that as well​:joy: