The age old argument


Fruit does not belong on pizza, silly.


Go down to principle O shaq Hennesy’s office ! :rofl:


Does the pizza go on the fruit then?:joy:


Nothing wrong with going both ways laserlight



Pizza sauce doesn’t belong on pizza?


I guess no tomatoes then :joy::joy::joy:

Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruit.
Wisdom is knowing not to put tomatoes in your fruit salad.


And that ketchup therefore is not a smoothie.


Ketchup, a smoothie? Don’t be ridiculous, everyone knows it’s a jam.


Double pineapple and Italian sausage crumble is the best combo ever on pizza

And yes I’m Canadian


This concerns me. Someone who doesn’t like pizza… who hurt you?


Possibly a pizza with bubbling hot cheese. Scarred for life.


I’ve never had sausage crumble, however I have had bacon crumble and it was the bomb😍


Do not confuse Italian pizza as a part of Mediterranean diet made with olive oil and natural tomato sauce (because tomatoes is the reason of cancer prevention abilities) with fast food pizza full of salt, saturated fat and calories.


So it can ONLY be pineapple when it’s with Canadian bacon, pineapple by itself or with any other combination is an abomination. I’d have to vote no since I only like it a specific way and I only like it from one place lol.


Actually, I know a place that makes a really bomb BBQ chicken pizza and they put pineapple on it. I like it better than Hawaiian pizza tbh.


personally I like my pineapple pizza with mushrooms and bacon crumble


Banana pizza :brazil:


Such wise words, but I don’t like pineapple pizza, begone thot! It really is disgusting, I can’t stand the smell either, it’s a good way to keep me away


i just went back and read this entire thread while eating pineapple pizza :slight_smile: