The age old argument


Can we perhaps add some more sweet tasted fruits like Melon, Apple, etc?


on pizza? why not go ahead and be my guest.
If you mean the poll…i think its a little too late to edit it :thinking:


Now I’m hungry!

Ham, pineapple and jalapeños!! The hot Hawaiian :heart:

Nom nom nom :pizza: :pig:


Embrace the pineapple. :pizza::pineapple:


:pig_nose: awful taste of meat with pineapple together , it is like beans with sugar :dizzy_face:


Omg the best combo, Ham, pineapple, and cheese pizza… :smiley:


So I may or may not work for one of the largest pizza companies in the world. In the US pineapple is a much more popular topping on West coast compared to the east coast. Also many of you will consider ham and Canadian bacon the same thing. I like jalapeño with my pineapple for the record


Canadian bacon isn’t as good as ham… or bacon


This must be an American thing…cuz who doesn’t like pineapple? -_-


Um…me? The carnivore over here?


I love pineapple and I also love how it can dissolve human flesh. :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


Mango on pizza?


hmmm why not


Strawberries, doughnuts, papayas, guavas, dragonfruit, cantaloupe, or watermelon on pizza?


So, grillin’ beans?

Embrace the flavor!


Can’t be any fruit with too much water content…

/s or am I? :thinking:


Not same beans but…


In Brazil you find pizza of whatever you want basically


Ham and pineapple is good. Chocolate pizza on the other hand :face_vomiting:


Do you not like chocolate? I was thinking a pizza with nutella and banana might be good… maybe throw in some chopped up nuts too, like walnuts or pecans.